Did You Know Eng Bee Tin Was Not Originally Famous For Its Hopia?

These glutinous balls used to be the star at this Chinese deli.

IMAGE Facebook/Eng Bee Tin

We all know that Eng Bee Tin is a reliable source for the classic and unique hopia flavors, but did you know that Eng Bee Tin was originally not famous for this Chinese delicacy? According to their Facebook post, Eng Bee Tin was more famous for its glutinous peanut balls (also called Zhong Wan Yi) than their hopia in the 1980s.

Eng Bee Ting's glutinous peanut balls are a Chinese dessert made with a ball of glutinous rice flour that's stuffed with sweet peanuts. You can easily cook this by boiling it in a pan of water, under low fire. You let it cook for 5-10 minutes and you know it's ready once the glutinous peanut ball floats. It is then served in a bowl together with a bit of water it was boiled in.

This dessert is often served during the Tang Yuan Festival, which happens on February 26th this year. The Chinese deli store will be selling these glutinous balls in 10s (sugar-free), 12s and 25s to celebrate the holiday. Eng Bee Tin also has Kamote Balls, Black Sesame Balls, and Bilo Bilo Malagkit for a more unique take on this delicacy.


Eng Bee Tin's Glutinous Peanut Balls are available in all Eng Bee Tin stores. 


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