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Bacolod is more than just Sugarlandia. We turned to local food ambassador JJ Yulo for his best recommendations on the Bacolod food scene: 


When in Bacolod, try...

The inasal, kansi (the local beef stew, which is a cross between sinigang and bulalo), batchoy (even though it’s technically from Iloilo), kinilaw, grilled diwal (angel-wing clams), and bulgan (local sea bass).




Make sure to buy...

Sweets! This is the land of sugar, after all! Try napoleones, dulce gatas, and caramel tarts. Head over to Pendy’s for a great selection of local snacks and sweets. Make sure to get some ginamos (Visayan bagoong), too.


When You’re Up for a Food Crawl…

Lacson, a giant road lined with restaurants!


If you drop by the market, make sure you buy…

Fish, for sure! Diwal is always a favorite. And buy some batuan (the local souring agent) so you can make kansi at home.


The one food-related experience in Bacolod you shouldn’t miss is…

The original Pala Pala where you can feast on seafood in a casual place with lots of character. It’s not fancy at all, but the food is so good.



The thing that makes Bacolod’s food scene unique is…

How it’s always changing. Bacolod is in a state of flux. It used to be that the same spots were always featured, but now, with the emergence of younger chefs and more open minds, new places are opening, which pushes the scene—and local palates—forward.



When in Bacolod, dine at…


1 Aida’s Chicken House at Bacolod at Manokan Country because you have to go to Manokan when in Bacolod; it’s a stretch of carinderia-style spots selling mostly inasal. Look for Aida’s and have grilled chicken doused with lashings of chicken oil and paired with loads of rice.



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2 Pendy’s to have a snack. On a solo flight here, I had a bowl of lechon batchoy that really made me happy. This is also the place to buy sweet delicacies to bring home (or eat on the spot).




3 Enting’s Special of Sagay where I’ve tried Enting’s kinilaw—a dish he has mastered—and it is amazing. Order that and the fried chicken. 21 because it’s an institution. It sometimes seems like everyone in Bacolod eats here. Pitaw (little birds), kinilaw, batchoy, fresh lumpia, and boneless fried chicken are things I’ve enjoyed in that place.


4 MU SHU for a drink and some pica-pica by none other than chef JP Anglo.




5 MAI PAO for some of the best dimsum in Bacolod. It’s another one of JP Anglo’s restaurants.




6 PALA PALA SEAFOOD for grilled seafood. This is where to feast on diwal if it’s available. While you’re at it, have some grilled bulgan, too.


7 FELICIA’S for a slice of chocolate cake and extra buttery ensaymada.




8 TERRASSE BISTRO by the talented chef-owner Nico Millanes. It’s one of the newest spots in Bacolod.




9 CHICKEN HOUSE for ribs—they’re awesome! The inasal is good, too.


10 BASCON CAFE for home cooking in nice digs. Go for the buffet lunch!



11 BUSINESS INN for sizzling kansi.




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 Article was published in the September 2016 issue of Yummy magazine. Minor edits were made editors. 


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