These Are The 5 Local “Fake Vinegars” According To The FDA

It's time to put your mind at ease.

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With the news of "fake vinegar" making its rounds on social media, we understand if you are worried and concerned about your go-to vinegar brand. Thankfully, the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) just released their official advisory, signed by Rolando Enrique D. Domingo, MD, DPBO, the Undersecretary for Health, regarding the "Monitoring Of Vinegar Products Sold In The Market" to put our minds at ease.

Photo by Food And Drug Administration Philippines

According to the official advisory, these five vinegar brands contain synthetic acetic acid: Surebuy Cane Vinegar (Best Before Date: 260321), Tentay Pinoy Style Vinegar (Best Before Date: 031821), Tentay Premium Vinegar (Batch/Lot No. TV SEP0718AC), Tentay Vinegar 'Sukang Tunay Asim' (Expiry Date: 06/06/20), and Chef's Flavor Vinegar (Expiry Date: 04/01/21)

The DFA came to these results after testing out 39 samples of vinegar from different sources. They tested this with Permanganate Oxidation Number (PON), which is an AOAC official method of analyzing the quality of vinegar.

In the advisory, the FDA says, "However, the FDA would like to reiterate that the presence of synthetic acetic acid is not a safety issue and does not pose any health risk to consumers as this only means that the vinegar is of substandard quality. The presence of synthetic acid merely represents that the vinegar did not undergo fermentation, either through a slow process, quick process, or submerged culture process which is used for commercial vinegar production."


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