Sans Rival Fans, This Convenience Store's Ice Cream Is Made For You!

They have kesong puti-flavored ice cream, too.

Summer's just around the corner and that means you can beat the heat with as much ice cream as you want without being judged. Although supermarkets have a great selection of ice cream, it is in convenience stores where you can get unique flavors at a small cost.

Photo by FamilyMart Philippines

FamilyMart's current flavors include the Sansrival soft serve, which has that signature rich taste of buttercream, meringue, and nuts all in one icy dessert. But if you're craving something slightly salty, Family Mart also has a Kesong Puti soft serve for cheese fans. And all you need is P25! Who said you need to choose only one? You can also try having the Sans rival and Kesong Puti soft serve in one cone!

The Sans rival and Kesong Puti soft serve ice cream are available in FamilyMart branches.

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