Yes, You Can Get Famous Amos Cookies In The Grocery!

You can finally satisfy your cookie cravings!

The reason why Los Angeles' Famous Amos is so famous is because of their simple yet addicting chocolate chip cookies! Famous Amos' Original Chocolate Chip Cookies are bite-sized treats that are studded with semi-sweet chocolate chips.

A Famous Amos branch is set to open at S Maison at Conrad Manila this year, but we were informed that the store is still under construction. If you can't wait to get your hands on a pack of Famous Amos, we found a box of these bite-sized cookies in Landers!


Landers offers Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies in their 3-Pack box (P119.75). These are great if you have a cookie craving or need an easy-to-pack baon. These cookies pair perfectly with a glass of milk or all by themselves!

Famous Amos' Original Chocolate Chip Cookies (3-Pack) is available in Landers. You can order this online through Landers' official website or you can find the nearest Landers with their store locator.


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