This Huge Bottle Is A Great Yakult Alternative

Just what you need for your soju cocktails, too!

IMAGE Jasper Castro

If you've ever wished for a larger Yakult bottle, your cultured milk dreams just came true! 

If you're looking for a good Yakult alternative, we found F&B Family Yogurt, a huge 700-ml bottle of yogurt drink that will not only make your lifelong dream of gulping down cultured milk to your heart's content finally come true, but this bottle could possibly have the right amount you need for your soju cocktail parties. You don't need to buy an extra bottle or pack! 

What we love about F&B's Family Yogurt is that it's light, sweet, and with a tinge of tanginess-as yogurt drinks should be. We also need to give huge plus points to this drink because it doesn't leave an unpleasant aftertaste. Now that summer's on its way, you can also use this yogurt drink for refreshing, milky slushies.

You can find F&B's Family Yogurt at Assi Fresh Plaza for P116 per 700mL bottle.


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