You Can Now Shop At Farmers Market From Home

Fresh produce, fresh seafood. You know where it's at!

IMAGE Majoy Siason

Do you miss those early morning trips to Farmers Market to get the freshest produce and seafood, too? We have good news for you: the vendors from Farmers Market and Farmers Garden have a Viber group. You definitely want to be part of this thread if you want the freshest produce, seafood, and even herbs and plants.

Araneta City put up a Viber group called the "Farmers Market & Garden PH" to provide vendors a chance to share their products, contact details, and stall location. You can interact with the vendors through this Viber group if a certain item has caught your attention and you want to place an order. 

But if you have a hard-to-find product in mind that you can't anywhere, you can inquire about your food needs and garden needs through the Farmers Market & Garden Viber group, too. Try your luck and maybe you'll find what you need!


You may discuss the payment, delivery, and pick up arrangements with the vendor. 

To join the Farmers Market & Garden PH Viber group, go to or search for Farmers Market & Garden PH on Viber.



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