Here’s Where You Can Get Good-For-You Greek Yogurt And Cream Cheese

They have yogurt dips, granola, and drinks, too.

IMAGE courtesy of Feel Well

Most people often spend January as a time to reset and set new goals. Whether it's a resolution to eat better or a resolve to chase your fitness goals, here's a good place to start: check out Feel Well's good-for-your-gut goodies.

Good gut health plays a big role in controlling digestion and supporting one's immunity. A well-functioning gut helps digest and absorb food properly. If you're looking to add more healthy food items to your kitchen, check out which Feel Well item you need in your life:

Live Culture Greek Yogurt (400 ml), P265

Photo by courtesy of Feel Well

If you love the silky texture and tang of the Greek yogurt, this is for you. Feel Well's version is made with only three ingredients: water buffalo milk fermented with live active bacterial cultures and a pinch of Bambu Salt. Greek yogurt has much higher protein content than regular yogurt, too!

Slice your favorite fruits, add nuts for crunch, or top it with granola and drizzle with honey! The options for a yogurt bowl are endless.

Synbiotic Yogurt Dips (400 grams), P500

Smooth and creamy, these yogurt dips are great with crackers, breadsticks, and veggie sticks! Choose between onion and parsley or basil and parsley flavors.

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Synbiotic Yogurt (420 ml), P300

Photo by courtesy of Feel Well

The symbiotic yogurt line has live, active cultures which help restore the balance in your gut. It has zero refined sugar and no added sugar, no stabilizers, emulsifiers, thickeners or other chemicals, too.

Live Culture Cream Cheese Dressing (400 ml), P300

Use the cream cheese dressing for your fruit salad or in your parfaits and sauces. Plus, this one is packed with protein and calcium and has less cholesterol.

Synbiotic drinks (P240 ml), P150

Photo by courtesy of Feel Well

These no-sugar drinks are packed with protein, calcium, B vitamins, and minerals and taste good, too.

They also have raw buffalo milk (P105), kefir milk (P140), buffalo cheese or burrata (P1,000 for 4 100-gram packs), and gluten-free granola (P140). Feel Well also offers bundles so you can try out the products, buy in bulk, or gif the items to a friend.


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