Farmer From Nueva Ecija Posts An Update Of His Rice Fields Post-Typhoon Karding

IMAGE Screenshot from Felix Pangibitian's Facebook video

Felix Pangibatan, a farmer in Laur, Nueva Ecija, posted a viral video of his rice fields before the landfall of Karding, the country's 11th tropical cyclone for this year. This morning as of 7:54 a.m. September 26, Pangibitan posted a video updating what the rice fields look like after the heavy rain and strong winds brought by typhoon Karding.

The two videos he posted on his Facebook account show how all his rice crops have fallen down. Pangibitan says, "Kahit saan kang tumingin, dapa," referring to the palay. 


He ends one of the videos by saying, "Bawi na lang next time, at least buhay kami pagkayari ng bagyo." 

Prior to this video, Pangibitan posted a video before the landfall of Karding which has gained over one million views on different social media platforms since it was reposted on Twitter. It shows Pangibatan's worry about the rice crops and what will happen to them after typhoon Karding.

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The video ends with Pagibitan saying, "Hirap talaga maging farmer. Pero may awa ang Diyos, baka sakali lumihis yung bagyo. Sana, sana."


Kiko Pangilinan, who is a politician and a farmer, posted on Twitter to shed light on the rice industry in the country, specifically in Nueva Ecija where Pangibitan works as a farmer.

"There goes the bulk of our annual rice harvests. Harvest season is Oct to Dec. The palay now planted and to be harvested last quarter of the yr would be about 3 weeks to two and a half months old."

"Too early to harvest. Not much can be saved. That's close to 60 percent of annual harvest of 20 million tons considering Nueva Ecija and isabela are our top two rice producers."

Pangilinan says that a price hike on rice is to be expected if the damage brought by typhoon Karding is serious and if there will be a rice shortage. He adds, "Unless swift interventions are put in place to avoid a sharp decrease in supply, millions will go hungry."



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