These Flavorful + Colorful Breads Exist And You Can Actually Get Them From The Supermarket!

Ube and cheese, strawberry and blueberry, chocolate chip, butterscotch, and more!

These Flavorful + Colorful Breads Exist And You Can Actually Get Them From The Supermarket!

Loaf bread is an ever-reliable food item to have at home. You and your family can enjoy it in so many ways — plain, toasted, with a generous amount of spread, or as a hefty sandwich! But what you probably don’t know about loaf bread is that it doesn’t just come in classic white and wheat; there are actually so many flavorful and colorful options to try!

To broaden your bread horizons, make Gardenia Flavored Loaves a regular part of your family’s daily meals.

Aside from the classic white loaf everyone is familiar with, beloved bread brand Gardenia has also created a wide variety of soft and delicious loaves that go beyond flavor. Currently, there are five must-try variants, each with its own distinct flavor and color.

While all are delicious enough to eat solo, you’ll be happy to know that you can also use Gardenia Flavored Loaves to create all sorts of delectable dishes. For instance, you can easily make butterscotch crown pies using one of its variants!

And here’s what’s even better: Gardenia Flavored Loaves are both affordable and readily available in local supermarkets. You can get them anytime you’re out on a grocery run!

Gardenia Chocolate Chip Loaf

With a generous amount of real chocolate chips in each soft slice, this chocolate-flavored loaf (P68 SRP) is a sure treat for those who have a sweet spot for chocolate.

To level up this loaf into a sweet and fruity dessert snack, try making banana corn dogs! You’ll understand why choco-banana is a sweet combo for both kids and kids at heart. Enjoy! Get the recipe here.

Gardenia California Raisin Loaf

Raisin fans, this one’s for you — a soft, moist loaf (P72.50 SRP) that’s infused with sweet and tart raisin-flavored juice and strewn in with sweetened, sun-dried California raisins.

This bread is delicious when buttered and lightly toasted, but should you want a heartier meal out of it, how about turning it into an almond-crusted tuna melt sandwich? Make it for lunch by getting the recipe here.

Gardenia Double Delights Ube and Cheese Loaf

Ube-cheese is a classic Filipino fusion of flavors, and this loaf (P69 SRP) is a wonderful addition to the list of ube-cheese food to enjoy at home. Each slice is a feast for the eyes and taste buds as the loaf gradually combines the nutty purple ube and the savory yellow cheese.

For those who crave ube and cheese in the morning, this bread can be added to your breakfast omelette! Get creative and try the recipe here.

Gardenia Double Delights Strawberry and Blueberry Loaf

No need to choose between strawberry and blueberry because you get the fusion of both flavors in this loaf (P68 SRP). This soft, moist bread even has real strawberry and blueberry bits mixed in, making it more berry- and fruity-licious!

If you're looking for a dessert for a mini celebration at home, how about crema de fruta? You can actually use this loaf as the base of this delightful dessert. Follow the recipe here.

Gardenia Amazing Butterscotch Loaf

Here’s what makes this butterscotch-flavored loaf (P78 SRP) indulgent by itself: It’s got a delectable combination of caramel, cream, and butter. The generous amount of real butterscotch chips also gives it an amazing crunch!

This premium bread can even be used to make butterscotch crown pies. You can get the recipe here.

In case you love cakes, keep an eye out for Gardenia Amazing Black Forest Loaf (P78 SRP), too. This premium dark chocolate-flavored bread even has luscious cherry bits!

It’s always great to have options when you're in the mood for something different, even when it comes to bread. And you don’t have to wait for a craving to hit — #GBeyondFlavors by adding Gardenia Flavored Loaves to your grocery list today!

Follow Gardenia Flavored Loaves on Facebook and Instagram for updates. For more recipes using Gardenia products, visit the brand’s website and watch the #KusinaNiGardee video series on YouTube.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Gardenia.

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