Food Business Idea: Bottled Spanish Bangus

Bottled food are perfect as gifts, pasalubong, or instant ulam!


Looking for the perfect food business idea? Bottled food are perfect-they're great as gifts, pasalubong, or instant meal ideas.


This bottled Spanish Bangus recipe makes 8 bottles and is a classic recipe that you can start with: you can get creative and add other flavorings like capers, roasted garlic, or olives.


Makes about 8 (8-ounce) bottles
Cooking Time 2 hours
Prep Time 3 hours

2 kilos small milkfish (bangus), cleaned, head and tail sliced off, scales left intact
salt for soaking
200 grams carrots, sliced into rounds
24 bay leaves
200 grams pickles
3 tablespoons whole peppercorns
24 finger chilies (siling pangsigang)
about 4 cups corn oil

1 Cut fish to fit inside bottles. Wash fish thoroughly to remove all traces of blood.


2 Soak fish in 1 part salt to 10 parts water for 25 minutes to eliminate the fishy smell.


3 Portion fish among 8 (8-ounce) bottles; lightly screw on lids. Steam for 20 minutes. Drain excess water; don't shake bottles too much to ensure fish stays intact.




4 Portion carrots, bay leaves, pickles, peppercorns, and finger chilies among bottles. Season with salt. Pour corn oil into each bottle, leaving a 1/4-inch space on top.



5 Lightly screw on lids. Place bottles in a rack inside a pressure cooker. Fill pressure cooker with water up to the bottom of the bottles. Cover and turn on pressure cooker. When whistling starts, lower heat; cook for 1 hour. Allow pressure to drop and make sure pressure cooker is completely depressurized before removing the cover.



6 Remove jars; screw lid on tightly while hot. Invert bottles and check for leakage. Cool and clean bottles before storing. Store for at least 2 weeks for best flavor.

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