Food Coma is Real! Here's How to Avoid It At Your Next Buffet

Why do we feel sleepy after eating large meals?

IMAGE courtesy of Pexels


We've all been there-dinner buffets, holiday parties, Sunday lunches, and the incredible urge to sleep that comes after the feasting. Excellent food and company aside, we had to ask: why do we slip into a "food coma" after eating large meals?


According to nutritionist Angus Stewart from Edith Cowan University, carbohydrate- and fat-rich food increases our blood sugar levels as they are broken down in the stomach. Insulin is also produced in the process, which then releases the chemical tryptophan into the brain, which results to feeling calmness and drowsiness. Phew, that explains it!


Avoid a food coma at your next feast by choosing which dishes to put on your plate: carb-heavy breads and pasta will most likely make you hit the snooze button, while low-glycemic foods like vegetables, legumes, fruits, lean meat, and fish will not.


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