LIST: A Directory Of Food Delivery Hotlines

Food delivery services will remain its operations during the "enhanced community quarantine."

IMAGE Bea Faicol

With the whole of Luzon on enhanced community quarantine, mall-based establishments and even food delivery services like GrabFood and Foodpanda have suspended its services until further notice. The establishments that remain open are ones that offer basic needs, such as groceries, food preparation, banks, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.

If you need a list of fast food chains and restaurants that can deliver as of March 17, 2020, here are their hotlines:

Jollibee: 8-7000

McDonald's: 8-6236

Burger King: 2-22-22

KFC: 8-887-8888

Chowking: 9-8888

Army Navy: 8-333-3131

Wendy's: 8-533-3333

Pizza Hut: 8-911-1111

Shakey's: 7777-7777

Greenwich: 5-55-55

Angel's Pizza: 8-922-2222

Papa John's Pizza: 8-887-7272

Domino's Pizza: 8-997-3030

Kenny Rogers Roasters: 8-555-9000

Mang Inasal: 7-3333

Chooks-to-Go: 8-687-1010

Tapa King: 8888-8272

North Park: 8-737-3737

Aristocrat: 8-894-0000

Yoshinoya: 8-288-2888

Goldilocks: 8888-1999

Red Ribbon: 8-7777

Conti's: 8-580-8888

Cara Mia: 7-745-5593


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