These Are The Places In The Philippines You Should Visit For Good Food

We all have favorites when it comes to food destinations. Some favor Iloilo for the fresh seafood, or Cebu for lechon, or Pampanga for all the hearty dishes and pasalubong items. We all miss traveling around the country for sure but there are more places in the Philippines you should add to your future travel list once you are confident to board that plane or ferry boat again.

In a recent interview with Summit Media journalists, Secretary Berna Romulo Puyat shared some provinces and cities in the Philippines that you should visit for delicious food:

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1 Isabela: kakanin, Pancit Cabagan

"Masarap yung Pancit Cabagan. You can only find it there. Even the noodles are only made there. They have a kutsinta that's really good. They have good food, especially that Pancit Cabagan. It's better when you eat it there."

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2 Dumaguete City, Negros: chorizo


"Silay in Negros is a given, food is really good there. I've been there many times but there's always something new to taste. I was recently in Dumaguete and because they're really influenced by the Spanish, there are about five to six households that have their own chorizo. They even have 'chorizo wars' because some families swear that theirs is the best chorizo and they're fiercely proud of their homemade recipe."

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3 San Pablo, Laguna: kulawong talong, coconut dishes

"I was surprised when An Mercado-Alcantara [of Casa San Pablo] was saying that they have humble food but they can do so many things with coconut. They also have food pairings; they also have this eggplant dish, kulawong talong. It's smoked with gata and you can also find dishes in Patis Tesoro's place."


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