You'll Want A Box Of This Delicious Food For The Gods For Christmas

GOOD FOOD ALERT! Without a doubt, food is what we most love about Christmas. There's freshly made bibingka and puto bumbong after hearing Simbang Gabi, ham and macaroni salad for Noche Buena, and, of course, how can we forget the food we receive from friends and family as Christmas gifts? One of our Christmas favorites is definitely Food For The Gods!

Fruit cakes often divide people because of the rum notes and its strong fruity flavors, but that's not necessarily the case with Food For The Gods. Even though this baked treat is traditionally made with dates, hence the reason why it's sometimes called date bars, Food for the Gods is a crowd favorite.

If you're looking for a delicious Christmas gift for the special people in your life or if you want to give yourself a delicious treat, Lorenzo's Food For The Gods is the way to go. 


What you need to know

Two Christmases ago, Lisa Lorenzo put up Lorenzo's Food for the Gods. The recipe is based on an heirloom recipe, from Lisa's mom, that's been in the Lorenzo family for more than 50 years. It was recently awarded as one of the Top 5 Pastries/Sweets sold Manila's Best at Polo (Manila Polo Club) in September 2019.

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Similar to bibingka, Lorenzo's Food for the Gods is available all year round. They have three sizes available: P390 for a small box of 12 pieces of Food for the Gods; P750 for a medium box of 25 pieces of Food for the Gods; and P1,500 for a large box of 50 pieces of Food for the Gods - each piece is close to a size of an index finger!

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This is as classic as it's going to get!
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What we love about it

It's a classic Food for the Gods, there's nothing too complicated about it. It has all the Food for the Gods essentials, like the crunch you get from biting on a nut, the sweet, burnt taste of molasses, slight chewiness from dates, and the butter notes. These are extremely dense dark brown bars with a deep caramel flavor. For people who love butterscotch bars, these moist and chewy treats come close in terms of texture.

If you don't have a sweet tooth, these can come off as a little sweet. You can pair this with coffee- the less sugar, the better, so you can balance it out. But if you're adding this to your Noche Buena dessert spread, we suggest pairing it with red wine.


Where you can get it

These special Christmas treats are often sold in bazaars, which schedules you can find through their official Facebook page. But you can also text, call, or send a Viber message through the number (0917) 544-1105.

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