GIFT GUIDE: Your Titas Will Love These Gifts!

For all your tita friends who love food as much as we do.

IMAGE Boozy, Instagram/thecheesemesa, and Harper and Harlow

Have you already bought your parents' and siblings' gifts this Christmas? Just make sure you're not missing your amazing titas on your list.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your amazing titas who are just as obsessed with having the prettiest dinnerware as they are with serving a sumptuous spread, you should check out our gift suggestions:

Photo by Yardstick Coffee

Golden Ticket Coffee from Yardstick Coffee

Price: from P700 to P600

If your tita, just like you, can't officially start the day without a cup of coffee, then they'll appreciate this pack of Yadstick's ground Golden Ticket coffee beans. The flavors of this coffee blend are inspired by the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which, needless to say, tastes sweet! It has notes of milk chocolate, almonds, and caramel. No additional sweetener required!

How to order: You can buy the Golden Ticket coffee via Yardstick's website.

Photo by Beauty MNL
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Tea packs from Manila Superfoods

Price: ranges from P75 to P245, dependent on the flavor

For the titas whose cup of tea is literally tea, go for Manila Superfood's affordable tea packs! They have the usual tea like Oolong Tea (P145/60 grams), Loose Leaf Green Tea (P135), Roasted Barley Tea (P115/100 grams), Pure Matcha Green Tea (P225), Loose Leaf Pure Mint Tea (P220), Jasmine Tea (P135/40 grams) and unique ones like Matcha Milk Tea (P245/180 grams) and Lavender Oolong Tea (P175/50 grams).

Manila Superfoods also has actual flowers you can brew to make the most aromatic, relaxing, and the prettiest tea ever! Their selection includes the Rose Bud Tea (P95/15 grams), Flower Tea (P75/10 grams), and Pure Lavender Loose Leaf Tea (P115/15 grams).

How to order: Manila Superfood's range of teas is available via Beauty MNL.

Photo by Instagram/latitasmnl

Sangria from La Tita

Price: P350 bottle

Does your tita love wine nights more than anything else? Give them this local sangria from La Tita! This is a ready-to-drink Sangria so there's no need to make your own-who has time for that anyway? This red sangria is on the fruity and citrusy side, which is perfect if you're pairing it with cheese!

How to order: You can order this via Boozy, Barcino, or through La Tita of MNL on Instagram.

Photo by Instagram/oye.sabor

Marinated Grill Kesong Puti in Olive Oil from Oye! Sabor

Price: Oye! Sabor currently has a Pamaskong Sabor package for the Grilled Kesong Puti in Olive Oil and half a dozen of pandesal for only P350. 

No one is exempted from the power of the classic kesong puti and pandesal combination-not even your tita. If you want to give them the gift of delicious kesong puti and pandesal for breakfast, Oye! Sabor has a marinated grilled kesong puti (in olive oil) that's sure to make them start the day in a good mood.

How to order: You can message Oye! Sabor on Instagram to place an order.

Photo by Wildflour-To-Go

Spicy Honey Cheese Pimiento from Wildflour

Price: P450

What's Christmas without the classic pimiento spread? Wildflour's "controversially-better-than-your-tita's pimiento" is a blend of spicy, sweet, and salt in one spread! What makes their pimiento spicy is the Calabrian chili.

How to order: You can order this via Wildflour-To-Go.

Photo by Instagram/thecheesemesa

Cheeseboard from CHEESEMESA by Dindin Espiritu

Price: P1,500

Another option you can give to your tita who loves wine night is this mouthwatering cheeseboard from CHEESEMSA! They offer cheeseboards in different sizes and the most affordable (P1,500) is an 8-inch board that's filled with three kinds of cheese, prosciutto, salami, grapes, and almonds.

How to order: You can place an order by messaging CHEESEMESA on Instagram or contact them through (0917) 711-0721.

Photo by Eric Kayser

Mini Eclair Set from Eric Kayser

Price: P800/16 pieces

Eric Kayser's delectable mini eclairs are the perfect gift if your tita loves sweets! This set has four pieces each of their Nutella Eclair that's topped with roasted hazelnut chunks, the Ube Eclair which has a white chocolate drizzle, the Salted Caramel Eclair that's topped with peanut nougatine, and the Chocolate Eclair is topped with chocolate crumble.

How to order: You can order this mini eclair set from Eric Kayser's website.

Photo by Shopee

Rattan bamboo coaster from Shopee

Price: P76/piece

Whether if it's for a glass of coffee, tea, wine, or water, it's important to protect your tables from the dangers of pesky water stains! Your tita will surely appreciate these rattan bamboo coasters which have plastic underneath to protect the surface of your dining table or coffee table.

How to order: You can purchase this coaster from Shopee.

Photo by Harper and Harlow

Collin Individual Tea Set from Harper and Harlow

Price: P1,450

For the hardcore tea-tas, this individual tea set from Harper and Harlow will give you major brownie points! This gorgeous set includes a teapot, tea strainer, lid, cup, and saucer. The material used is fine bone china and has a gingham pattern available in bluish-grey or grass-green colors.

How to order: You can buy this tea set from Harper and Harlow's website.


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