Soft-Serve Ice Cream, Fluffy Doughnuts, and More: These Are the Food Trends You Went Crazy for in 2017

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Metro Manila's food and restaurant scene has been exciting for the past few years. Every year, new trends pop up (many of them stay, too) and bring new and exciting flavors to satiate our appetite for delicious food. 


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Treat yourself to these indulgent and drool-worthy desserts!


The biggest food trends in 2017? We included the slew of food parks that opened (a favorite of the younger crowd), and timeless ingredients like ube which have been getting its fair share of the spotlight both in local and international shores. Have you tried everything on this list? Add them to your to-do list before the year ends! 


1 Soft Serve Ice Cream

From the classic milk swirl of Exchange Alley Coffee House to the vibrant soft serve flavors of Bucky’s, we couldn’t resist the ice cream take-over this year!

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This cheese soft serve is insanely smooth and milky!



2 Doughnuts

We can bite into Cupcakes by Sonja’s fluffy and cakey doughnuts or Poison’s brioche-sourdough doughnuts every day. We also have a recipe that's easy to make at home: 

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Making fluffy, and totally satisfying doughnuts at home is easy!


3 Craft Beer


Local Philippine made craft beer has never been better. Have you tried PedroJuan Brew, and Engkanto yet?  

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Engkanto Brewery's beer is brewed with high-quality and natural ingredients.



4 Cheese

Ooey, gooey cheese is the star of La Carnitas’ nachos and Kko Kko’s fondue. Don't forget your favorite raclette cheese food stalls, too!  

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Make it complete with pickles, cheese, cold cuts, and jams.


5 Food Parks

If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen! Have you visited The Food Hive, Industrie Food Loft, The Yard, or Malingap Central Food Hall this year? Food parks give small business owners a chance to grow and earn profit. 



6 Sourdough


Real bread is supposed to taste like the flavorful loaves from Panaderya Toyo and Wildflour Bakery + Café. Here's a primer on what sourdough is and how it is made: 

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We sat down with the one of the country's busiest bakers and got a few tips on how to start making our best bread yet.


7 Ube


Ube or u-bae? Our favorite purple yam will never go out of style. We used ube in a handful of our recipe video this year, from leche flan cakes to pancakes. Which recipes have you tried? 


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Ube + leche flan. This will be your new favorite dessert!

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Pancakes just got better and more festive!



8 Rolled Ice Cream  

Can you believe that this is frozen custard? Regular custard is poured onto a cold surface that freezes it into ice cream. Dig into this fun dessert by stalls like Flow and Elait


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Chill and just roll with Flow Ice Cream.



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Step inside the world of sweet, sticky, purple ube.


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