12 Food Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2019

It's all about health and sustainability this year.

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It's safe to say that keto, poke bowls, rolled ice cream, and Filipino cuisine took over 2018. Though we're just a few days into the new year, we can't help but wonder which food trends might be up next. Thankfully, a bunch of studies and predictions have been made by Whole Foods, The National Restaurant Association, and more. Here, weâve listed down the food items that are expected to reign in 2019.

Faux meat

From lab-grown to fruit-based alternatives, faux meat continues to have a moment for 2019. The Impossible Burger from Impossible Foods, made from heme protein, is going to be released in retail stores this year. While jackfruit is forecasted to take off as a meat alternative.

Whole Foods is also banking on faux meat but in the form of snacks. The report says, "Mushrooms like king trumpet will play a key role here, flexing their flavor and texture powers in tasty jerky, "pork" rinds and "bacon" snacks (used in both Pig Øut Pigless Bacon Chips and Snacklins Cracklins Without the Pork) to offer up a satisfying crunch."


Pegan diet

A combination of Paleo and vegan, the Pegan diet, is set to take over 2019. This is according to a trend report by Pinterest which revealed that search queries for the lifestyle went up by 337 percent. The diet term was coined by American physician Dr. Mark Hyman, who believes "this way of eating makes the most sense for our health and the health of our planet."

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Oat milk

Right now, the interest in oat milk has surged so high that there's already a shortage for the milk alternative. But don't fret as it only takes 10 minutes to make a homemade version, and all you need are rolled oats, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and optional spices.


Whether as a side or a soup ingredient, mushrooms, for the most part, have taken the backseat when it comes to cooking. This year, however, the fungi are being used as meat substitutes leading it to be touted as the "It" food of 2019. Even mushroom-infused spirits are getting the light of day.


New meat cuts

This particular trend is one that's carried over from last year. According to the National Restaurant Association, "on trend and inexpensive, shoulder tender, oyster steak, Vegas Strip or a Merlot cut" continue to be popular among restaurants and consumers.

Seed butter

Butter made from almond, cashew, and walnut ruled 2018, but this year a new offering is predicted to join these nut butters. According to a study by KIND Healthy Snacks, seed butter from sunflower, pumpkin, and watermelon seeds are forecasted to be a popular alternative.

Dessert hummus

One of the most surprising trends is chickpea-based desserts. It's one ingredient that will be everywhere, from milkshakes, ice cream as part of the dairy-free movement. What's more, chickpea is full of nutrients which makes it an ideal base for a dessert.


The frosé can be traced back to 2017, but it never quite caught on as strongly as other drink trends. This year, however, is seen to be the frozen drink's year. What makes this year's version more interesting is the addition of a classic flavor: The Aperol Spritz.


Sourdough bread

Bread is making a comeback after years of carb-free trends. Out of all, sourdough is going to be strong this year, according to Pinterest. This time, bread baking at home is seen as the driver of the trend. Searches for baking bread rose to 413 percent from last year.

Essential oil

One of the biggest wellness trends for 2019 is edible essential oils. Much like bitters for cocktails, essential oils such as lemon and peppermint are excellent accents for food and drinks. If you're keen to try it, make sure you use oils that are labeled as food grade.

Plant water

Coconut water has ruled the plant water market for years. Other plant-based waters made from artichoke, cactus, watermelon, maple, birch, aloe, bamboo, and more are making a splash for 2019.

"Ugly" produce

For sustainability, the star food trend is "ugly" produce. These include misshapen, deformed, and bruised fruits and vegetables. Start-up companies have picked up the trend to offer delivery services while grocery stores in other countries are offering "ugly" produce at a discount to encourage customers.


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