Food Trends That We're Munching On This Week

Have you tried these food trends in Manila yet?

IMAGE Dairy Darilag

These delicious food trends are taking over Manila! Learn how to make dishes in your own kitchen with these trendy ingredients, or find out where to get your hands on the latest sweet and savory food bites in town. 



1  Everything ube. 

Food blogger and photographer Cy Ynares captured the beauty of these ube pancakes from Chelsea Kitchen perfectly: who wouldn't want to wake up to that?




2  Pablo cheese tarts. 

These melt-in-the-middle Pablo cheese tarts taste just as dreamy as they look. They recently opened their first branch in Robinson's Place Manila. 




3  Salted egg-flavored dishes and desserts. 

Cazuela in The Sapphire Bloc has a luscious kesong puti cheesecake with a salted egg sauce. We wiped this plate clean! 


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Cook your way into golden, luscious, salted egg perfection.




4  Local brews.

Support local beer brands by buying a couple of bottles in your favorite restaurants! Joe's Brew, Nipa Brew, and Juan Brew all have awesome beers. 




5  Sandwiches with lots of layers. 

The food-in-the-air-styled ice cream cones that once reigned Instagram feeds globally are long gone. Cut your layered sandwich in half and snap the cheese oozing out of it to keep on trend! 





6  Lots and lots of pho.

Places like Annam Noodle Bar and Phat Pho are all over Manila. Pho is the new ramen! 



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When it comes to weeknight home cooked meals, pantry staples are best.

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We are seeing this ingredient in everything from croissants to potato chips!



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