Food Trends That Filled Our Bellies in 2016

Trends come and go, but which ones are keepers? We're listing down the food trends we fell in love with this year!

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As a new year approaches and this one comes to a close, it can be said that 2016 was definitely one crazy whirlwind of a year.


Despite its many changes, ups and downs, what thankfully remained constant was, of course, food. But what also stayed was the foodie scene's unpredictability-2016 was a wild year too for the food-lovers in the Philippines!


We were #blessed with many deliciously unexpected food fads and trends, giving us many new eats worth sharing with friends, family, and, of course, Instagram. While trends do come and go, which ones were taste bud-worthy enough to stay? From a savory savant's secrets to a sweet tooth's dream come true, we're rounding up some of this year's most popular crowd-pleasers!




1 Cheese scrapings


Are your sweet dreams made of cheese, too? Then we bet you couldn't resist the cheese scrapings take-over this year! Raclette MNL made a surprise welcome appearance at Power Plant Mall, delighting cheese-lovers with sinful scrapes of melty cheese, straight from a glorious wheel of Raclette cheese right on to your plate. 


Galileo Enoteca also got into the cheese craze with the Cheese Wheel Pasta, taking your usual pasta dish to cheesier heights. Imagine mixing your freshly-cooked creamy carbonara in a huge wheel of cheese. Other than the uniquely fun experience, you're definitely getting the extra cheese you deserve!

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2 Wild milkshakes


The dessert scene managed to shake things up even more this year with the wild milkshakes mania! Freezer Burn has taken your favorite dessert drink up a notch with crazy fun milkshakes like their Salted Egg and Cheese Milkshake, and Mint, Corn and Cheese Milkshake. You can also choose to let your imagination run free with their Build-Your-Own Milkshake. 


Sugar Factory also proves to be a worthy contender with their own share of fun milkshakes served in tall glasses. The bigger, the better! 


Your Instagram-worthy shakes don't stop there-Manila Creamery's insane milkshakes are sought after by many adventurous foodies! Care to try the Cereal Killer, their Salted Egg and Ube Shake , or maybe a Matcha Taho?





3  Ube


A beloved childhood Filipino favorite flavor goes beyond its typical ice cream form and makes its proud, powerful stance in this year's lineup of the best desserts.


Aside from its vibrantly beautiful color, ube makes its distinctly sweet flavor known in cheesecakes by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, in cute café lattes from Subspace, and even a never-heard-of-before dish-Chicken and Ube Waffles by Diner on 16th

Ube is a global food trend for a reason, and we're glad to see that this doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.






4  Cheese tarts


The popular savory-and sweet flavor duo makes its way once again to the food landscape in the form of an unconventional but seriously addicting pastry-the highly-esteemed cheese tart! This tasty treat drove excited, hungry crowds to Pablo's, one of Japan's most famous bakery gems, during its opening week in Manila.


Where else can one enjoy that freshly-baked, semi-sweet, flaky crust and creamy cheese filling that many instantly fell head over heels for? Kumori also prides itself in its Signature Cheese Tart, and so does local spot, Lava, with its Molten Cheese Tarts.




5  Salted egg


If you've found yourself at the mercy of the mouth-wateringly addicting flavor that is salted egg, then we're sorry-we can't help you. We are, too! How can we even start to describe that umami kick and savory goodness that just keeps us reaching for one more (I swear, just one more!) potato chip?


One of the many shops that sell the widely-popular Salted Egg Chips is The Blue Kitchen, selling it in packages easy enough to bring around everywhere you go.


Su-fries! NYFD Premiere Fries has also gotten in on the Salted Egg + Potato love team with Salted Egg Fries!


And if you still can't get enough, you must try Frankie's unique spin on their famous Buffalo Wings with their new Salted Egg variety. #FTW-For the Wings!


One last, we promise: have you tried Salted Egg Brulee Croissants? Wildflour Café + Bakery's got a fresh batch for you always, guaranteed to make you fall in love with this trend even more.






6  Poke bowls


We've gladly accepted that Japanese cuisine, especially sushi and sashimi, is a trend that will remain as fresh as the fish we all trot to our nearest Japanese resto for. But this year, the love for raw seafood has took on a different path-introducing the Hawaiian poke bowl! A colorful bowl of fresh ingredients and clean flavors, many enjoy the poke bowl as an appetizer or a refreshing yet filling mid-day snack.



Ahi Hawaii brings color to the Hawaiian cuisine trend with their own version of Poke Bowls, and so does Poke Poke, with bowls that look as good as they taste! 




7  Sorbetes


Who's screaming for ice cream? We are! We've got the scoop on the sorbetes trend that has made its way to malls, restos, and cafes. Its secret? The Pinoy ingredients and flavors that bring us a bit closer to home.



Papa Diddi's serves up unique flavors that are handcrafted daily using local ingredients, like Davao Meets Bicol-a fiery but sweet combination of Davao chocolate and Bicol spices, Sugar Apple (atis), Saba(plantain), Mango Ginger, Roasted Coconut with Sunflower Seeds...and many, many more!




8  Crepe cakes


Delicate layers and layers of goodness make the lovely crepe cake whole, a dessert made known once again thanks to Paper Moon! Feel the paper-thin crepes melt in your mouth as you take a bite of this Matcha Crepe Cake.



It is best with your afternoon coffee or after to cap off a good meal with your girl friends.




9  Milk ice cream


And yet another trend proves that there is always room for dessert - did you get into the milk ice cream sensation? From Dojo Dairy's Hokkaido Milk Soft Serve, to Honey Crème's sweet sundaes, and to Milkcow's organic ice cream with a choice of fresh honeycomb, the soft, creamy consistency and oh-so-very-milky taste of this sweet treat are what keeps ice cream fans coming back for more.





10  Churros


Crazy for churros? Join the club!


The dipping of a freshly-fried churro covered in sugar (and cinnamon, if you wish) in a cup of warm, melted chocolate is an experience many line up for, especially if it's from La Lola Churreria, one of the churro standouts of the year. It's addicting and super fun and easy to share with your loved ones!



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So, which food trend of 2016 did you fall in love with and see no plans of breaking up with yet? Share them with us! Thanks for the memories, 2016, and here's to more crazy fun food experiences next year has in store for us!











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