5 Food Trends that Took Over Instagram in 2015

Which of these did you post on Instagram this year?


The year is coming to a close and Instagram is just about ready to burst with all the newest food trends and ideas for the coming New Year. But before we start readying our shiny new Instagram filters, let’s have a look at the trendy treats that filled our feeds in 2015.


1 Third Wave Coffee

2015 was the year of coffee. With the rise of coffee’s Third Wave , it came as no surprise that everyone and their mother started posting images of their meticulously crafted cold brews at their favorite places for a flat white topped with elaborate latte art.

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2 Crazy Milkshakes

A regular old milkshake just isn’t enough nowadays. This year, we found loads of milkshakes topped with all sorts of wildly over the top things such as toasted marshmallows, cookies, pretzels and even cronuts!

Sous vide eggs

When in doubt, top it with a slow-cooked egg! At least, according to what we’ve seen on Instagram. Many of the coolest restos in the Metro have added the famous 63 degree egg to their menus to add an extra bit of panache to their dishes.

4 Fried chicken

This American staple wound up all over our feeds this year and for good reason. The best plates of fried chicken often featured something sweet (think French toast, waffles, or cornbread), and they always looked generous and tempting, like something anyone would want to share, even just online.


The Rainbow Cake

The undisputed king of the world of Instagram food, the Rainbow Cake was made almost exclusively to be photographed.  The cake’s vibrant colors and sheer height helped to create a unique sense of visual drama and whimsy that diners just couldn’t resist.

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