Here Are the Food Trends We Went Wild For In 2021

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Some may say that 2021 was an improvement from 2020 (although to be fair, the bar was set low) while some may consider it just as much of a whirlwind year. In any case, one thing remained a constant: good food. This year, we continued to see Tiktok influence the food we make and eat, but also Netflix. And we continued to find ways to get our caffeine fix, lockdown or not. 

Here are six of the food trends that made 2021 a great year for all food lovers:

Baked Feta Pasta

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One of the earliest food trends of 2021 was the Baked Feta Pasta, popularized on Tiktok. In fact, at its height in February 2021, the #BakedFetaPasta hashtag on Tiktok reached over 60 million views.

It's incredibly easy, requires ingredients that you are already likely to find in your pantry, and results in incredibly cheesy and creamy pasta so it's no wonder that it became a hit. The most basic version of this pasta requires pasta, a block of feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and herbs and spices to taste but many made their own versions with different kinds of cheese and veggies.

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Egg Drop Sandwich

Photo by GrabFood

Thanks to season 2 of Hospital Playlist, Uju's favorite egg drop sandwich became a hit this year. These sandwiches use two thick brioche slices which are stuffed with all kinds of tasty things: of course, there's the eggs, usually scrambled but can also be sunny-side up or soft boiled plus ham, cheese, bacon, and even crab meat. 

They're then drizzled with a sriracha-condensed milk sauce for the perfect sweet-spicy bite. Not only are they hearty and delicious, but they also look scrumptious in photos, too, thanks to the overflowing fillings.

Dalgona Candy

Photo by Facebook/La Vienne Bakery

Another food trend that came from a popular Korean series is Dalgona Candy. You might also remember that we all made dalgona coffee in quarantine in 2020-well, this is the classic Korean candy that inspired it!

In Squid Game, players were tasked to cut out a shape stamped on this fragile honeycomb candy, and a mistake will cost them their lives. Lots of dessert makers took inspiration and made their own, significantly less deadly versions of this game. You can also easily make your own dalgona candy at home with sugar and baking soda. 

Lechon Baka

Photo by Tina Punzal

Around June 2021, famous lechon-manok purveyor Andok's launched their own lechon baka, which got everyone crazy over roast beef again. Many suspect that Andok's uses the same marinade as their liempo for their new dish, so it's no wonder that folks went wild.

The obvious go-to side for this was, of course, rice, but many also made their own roast beef sandwiches, sides like mashed potato, and even used the beef as topping for ramyeon for their own version of steak ramdon.

Many other restaurants also followed suit and came out with their own versions of lechon baka like Rico's Lechon and Kraver's Canteen.



Though only opening last May 2021, Hey Pie People easily became one of the most sought-after local online food sellers of the year, with many scrambling to get ahold of one of pie maker's Raeanne Young-Sagan's coveted pies. While pies are certainly not new in the Philippines, it was definitely a good year for pie lovers this year.

Aside from Hey Pie People, other pie makers also gained more traction online like Mrs. Makes on Instagram who makes customizable crack pies, and Pies by Jay who makes incredibly flaky chicken pastel.

Al Fresco Cafés

Photo by Facebook/Granville

Due to the pandemic, many have understandably preferred to dine outdoors as much as possible, which meant more al-fresco cafés opening. After all, pandemic or not, we think the best way to enjoy coffee is with a great view. Some of the new ones that opened this year are Granville in San Juan City, where you can enjoy both coffee and craft beer, and Inarawan Café, a quaint coffee spot in Marikina City.

Mobile Coffee Shops

Photo by Facebook/Kape Sina Una

And if you can't travel to your favorite café just yet, mobile coffee shops bring the coffee to your neighborhood. 2021 saw the opening of more of these kinds of cafés like Kape Sina Una, which has branches in Antipolo and San Mateo, Rizal, Riverbanks in Marikina, and Tagaytay.

They usually set up their mobile café by the side of the road so you can enjoy the outdoor view. Another mobile coffee shop that opened this year is Bean Wagon Café in Batangas, which boasts not just great coffee but also an aesthetic, minimalist design with black and wooden accents, and fairy lights.


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