Here's How You Can Save On Your Food Deliveries

You can get more discounts and more free deliveries with Foodpanda's pandapro.

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If you love the convenience of delicious food being delivered to your doorstep (especially during this quarantine) but hate the expenses that come with it, you can save a chunk of your money with Foodpanda's new pandapro program.

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Pandapro is an exclusive membership program of Foodpanda that gives its users a lot of discounts, whether if you're ordering food to be delivered or picked up. The four main benefits you can get include unlimited 20% off (or more) on orders from over 3,000 restaurants, 5x more of free deliveries from all shops and restaurants, 3x more of 10% discounts on foodpanda shops, and an unlimited extra 5% off on foodpanda pick up orders. Do take note that you need to have a minimum of P400 to avail of the free delivery and 10% discount.

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Here's how you can avail of pandapro:

1 Update your foodpanda app and click the "How to be a Member," then fill in the required details. Members should be 18 years old and is a holder of a valid credit card.

2 The membership fee of P50 (introductory price) will be deducted from your card upon sign up.


3 The subscription and benefits automatically renew on a monthly basis.

4 If you fail to pay the fees when it is due, the subscription will be canceled. You will need to subscribe again to avail of the pandapro benefits.

5 Cancellation of subscription will be effective on the next monthly renewal date.



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