This Fruits-And-Veggie Stall In Parañaque Was Turned Into A Mini Café

Their produce is still available online, though!

When we're not encouraged to step outside our houses unless necessary, online stores that can deliver fresh produce to our doorstep are considered a godsend. 

Fresh Finds Manila, which started as a stall that sold fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from Baguio, sold produce and fruits online and in their physical store. On October 10, they birthed two "pandemic baby" businesses called Presko café and Yenda bakery. According to their Facebook post, they converted their vegetable commissary to a bakery commissary to offer quality bread, coffee, hearty dishes, and dessert.


But during the first month of 2021, Fresh Finds Manila posted on Facebook that they went through a lot of drastic changes since the pandemic and because of the pandemic. They eventually stopped their Yenda bakery operations, shifted their fresh produce shop entirely to their online platform, and then started all over again solely as an establishment for Presko Coffee, a local mini outdoor café.

When we say mini, it's really small. This local coffee shop is a two-seater outdoor café where you can sit by the counter. If you're avoiding huge crowds and just want some alone time, some peace and quiet, you should definitely drop by!

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Photo by Facebook/Fresh Finds Manila

Presko offers different hot and cold coffee beverages that use 100% Arabica beans sourced from Bacofa, Mt. Apo, Davao. They have Caramel Mocha Latte, Cocoa Hazelnut Latte, Nutty Macadamia Latte, American, Presko Latte, and Espresso. Non-coffee beverages are available, too: they have Cocoa Milk, Vanilla Matcha, and a featured tea of the day.


For those who just want to try out Presko's coffee (without going to the south) and buy Fresh Find Manila's produce, you can still find them online. All of Fresh Finds Manila's fresh fruits and vegetables, and Presko's freshly-brewed bottled coffee are available via their website.

Presko is located at Saudi Arabia Street, Better Living Subdivision, Parañaque City.

For more information, follow Fresh Finds Manila on Facebook.


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