This Rice Topping Mix Will Make Your Fried Rice Extra Savory

It can be used with fried dishes, too.

IMAGE Majoy Siason

If you love fried rice and the extra savory and umami flavors that usually go along with it, you need to check out Ajinomoto's newest rice topping mix called Aji Savor on Rice. Inspired by Japanese furikake, this ready-to-eat rice topping mix promises to add extra calcium in your diet since each pack has 385 mg of calcium, the same amount you get in a glass of milk.

Use it on fried rice and even fried fish!
Photo by Majoy Siason

It also has ready-to-eat dried ingredients such as toasted sesame seeds and and malunggay leaves, plus it comes in two savory flavors: chicken and beef. You can sprinkle it on top of cooked rice or use it also for your fried rice. You can also get creative with it: why not sprinkle it on fried fish or veggies, too?

Aji Savor on Rice is available at leading supermarkets and groceries.

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