LIST: The Best Frozen Yogurt Brands That Are Available For Delivery

No need to go out for your favorite dessert!

Remember when frozen yogurt was the trend years ago? While the craze has died down, the businesses specializing in frozen yogurt certainly have a market since some establishments never really left! Now, there is a resurgence of the frozen yogurt trend which is why you’re seeing more stores offering it and more foodies are posting about it online.

If you’re curious to try the best yogurt desserts brands, you don’t have to go out! These frozen yogurt brands are available for delivery:


Are you a fan of llaollao’s frozen yogurt and Lotus Biscoff combo? It’s actually one of their most popular frozen yogurt toppings! Luckily, you can bring home a tub of this delicious combo when you order it via GrabFood.


You can choose between the Take Home Pack with Free Toppings Medium (P600) and the Take Home Pack with Free Toppings Large (P780). Both of these frozen yogurt tubs are served with Lotus Biscoff and your choice of three toppings.

To place an order: llaollao is available for delivery via GrabFood.


BLK 513 has always been known for its activated charcoal frozen yogurt! If you’re curious to try it out, they are offering a Build Your Own Frozen Yogurt Picnic Box (base price is P365). This includes 2 Dark Side Froyo Petite Cups, a fruit of your choice, a crunch of your choice, and a sauce of your choice.


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The fruits you can choose from are Peach, Dragonfruit, Mango, Grapes, Kiwi, and Blueberry (+P30), while the crunchy toppings you can choose from are Keso Bites, Sugarfree Chocolate Chip Cookies, White Chocolate Oldie Cookies, Oreo Pie, Hijacked Cereals, Valrhona Vegan Granola (+P15), Toasted Cashew and Cocoa Granola (+P15), and Chocnut Granola (+P15).

As for your sauces, BLK 513 has Blue Velvet Sauce, Cereal Milk, Chocnut Cashew Fudge, Matcha Milk Cake, Faux Ferrero, Spiced Cookie Caramel, Salted Chocolate, and Frozen Berries. With so many choices, you’ll never run out of combos to enjoy every time you order. 

To place an order: BLK 513’s Frozen Yogurt Picnic Box (P365) is available via the BLK 513 website, GrabFood, and foodpanda.

Red Mango

Just in case you need some good news today: Red Mango is still thriving—13 years and counting to be exact! If you miss this classic frozen yogurt, they have a menu dedicated which includes a customizable Froyo Kit (P849) that includes a pint of Original Frozen Yogurt, four toppings, a Red Mango acrylic topping container, and a Red Mango insulated bag.


They also have new flavors like the Rocky Road Special (P495), Mango Jubilee Froyo (P455), Chocolate Overload Froyo (P455), Banana Almond Crunch Froyo (P455), Trail Mix (P455), and Banoffee Special (P495)—plus the “double” versions: Double Mango Jubilee Froyo (P515), Double Chocolate Overload Froyo (P515), Double Banana Almond Crunch Froyo (P515), and Double Trail Mix (P515).

To place an order: Red Mango is available for delivery when you order it via the Red Mango website. 


Pinkberry is one of the frozen yogurt shops that lets you order solo sizes and customize the toppings! If you’re not familiar with their base frozen yogurt flavors, you can choose from Original, Auro Dark Chocolate, Vegan Coconut, and Raspberry.

They have a wide selection of toppings you can add to your frozen yogurt, too, such as fruits, chocolate, granola, cookies, nuts, and honey. 

To place an order: Pinkberry is available for delivery via foodpanda.



Yogorino offers frozen yogurt by the pint and comes in different flavors. They have it in Plain, Chocolate, Pistachio, Ciocco Torrone, Amarena (Black Cherry), Caramel, Strawberry, Mixed Berry & Strawberry, Mango, Strawberry and Chocolate, Black Forest, and Pistachio Almond.

The price per pint ranges from P210 to P415 which isn’t all that expensive! Just take note that Yogorino’s frozen yogurt pints don’t include any toppings so make sure you have your favorite fruits, nuts, or sweets with you if you want to add toppings. If you’re all about the yogurt and the not the toppings, this is the froyo to try. 

To place an order: Yogorino is available for delivery via GrabFood.


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