These Fluffy Custard Buns Will Be Your New Favorite Snack

It's perfect for baon.

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We all love the smell of freshly-baked bread and thankfully, some grocery items recreate that feel-good fresh-from-the-bakery smell. Fuwa Fuwa, which means fluffy in Japanese, offers a line of fragrant and soft Japanese bread that are now available in supermarkets.

Fuwa Fuwa's Custard Buns pairs perfectly with coffee, hot chocolate, or milk tea!
Photo by Fuwa Fuwa

As soon as you spot Fuwa Fuwa's Custard Buns (P38) in the supermarket, make sure to add it to your shopping cart. These buns are ridiculously fluffy, buttery, and milky with a creamy sweet custard filling. What we love about the custard-filled bun is that it melts in the mouth and doesn't have overwhelming flavors.

Fuwa Fuwa's rolls are available in different flavors, like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.
Photo by Fuwa Fuwa

If you're a chocolate fan, Fuwa Fuwa also has Chocolate Rolls (P30)! This is an eclair-shaped roll with dark chocolate filling from end to end. Admittedly, it was slightly shocking how there wasn't a lot of the chocolate filling when you open it up. Once you take a bite, you'll understand that a little amount of the dark chocolate filling can actually go a long way!

Fuwa Fuwa's Custard Buns and Chocolate Rolls are good as it is, but in case you have a toaster at home or workplace pantry, we recommend toasting it beforehand! It gives the bread a more golden-brown color and it also adds a slight crunch to its crust.

Fuwa Fuwa's Select Loaf is available in thicker slices and regular slices.
Photo by Fuwa Fuwa

Fuwa Fuwa also has other flavored rolls, like the Strawberry Roll (P30) which has a sweet strawberry filling, and the Vanilla Roll (P30) whose filling tastes like melted marshmallows! If you want to build your own sandwich, you can opt for Fuwa Fuwa's Select Loaf (P58/thick slice and P82/regular slice).

Fuwa Fuwa is available in all major supermarkets nationwide. For more information, follow Fuwa Fuwa on Facebook and Instagram.


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