Gabbi Garcia And Khalil Ramos' First Food Business Is Now Open


Are you a fan of Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos' Front-Seat Foodies YouTube channel? Then it shouldn't be a surprise to you that the on-screen and off-screen couple is a couple of foodies, and that they absolutely love steak. In one of the episodes of Front-Seat Foodies, they even spent a date night eating different beefy dishes, including an 8,960-peso wagyu sandwich.

We're gushing over how cute Gabbi and Khalil are!
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Fueled by their love for beef, Gabbi and Khalil launches their first-ever venture into the food business in partnership with CloudEats, with Meat Up. But unlike the jaw-dropping prices we all associate with beef, like the wagyu sandwich, what makes Meat Up different is that the beefy dishes are all below P500

Three of the dishes we tried from Meat Up are the Steak Salad (P479), Roast Beef with Rice (P329), and the BBQ Roast Beef Sandwich (P329).

Meat Up's Roast Beef with Rice is super nakakabusog!
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The Roast Beef with Rice is simple: beef slathered in gravy, served with buttered vegetables on the side, both on top of plain white rice. What's great about this simple dish is that it's generous with its serving and that you're sure to feel busog when you've finished everything.

The BBQ Roast Beef Sandwich is Gabbi and Khalil's favorite!
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The BBQ Roast Beef Sandwich, on the other hand, is Gabbi and Khalil's hands-down favorite among the three, and if you love wasabi or even hate it, all roads lead to liking this sandwich. It uses toasted brioche buns, then stuffed with beef, caramelized onions, barbecue sauce, and wasabi mayonnaise which isn't overpowering at all, don't worry! According to the chef, they used wasabi for this sandwich as an easier-to-source alternative for horseradish.

We absolutely love Meat Up's Steak Salad!
Photo by Meat Up

One that really wowed us? The Steak Salad. If you don't frequently order salads that go beyond the basic caesar or balsamic vinaigrette, then you're bound to be surprised by how delicious and flavorful Meat Up's Steak Salad is.

The Steak Salad puts the spotlight on the tender, medium-rare slices of Bolzico Beef lying on top of a bed of crisp greens, onions, and mushrooms. The dressing is a combination of blue cheese and the balsamic vinaigrette that's served on the side, which we recommend tossing in your salad gradually until you get the desired tang. Even if we felt like it deserved some crunchy nuts, maybe some walnut or pecans, the dish is already good that we can look past it. 

According to the chef, they will soon integrate the option for customers to choose the doneness of the steak. But right now, when you order it on GrabFood, you can request it by adding it to the note section.


Other items on the menu are the Steak with Chahan Rice (P399), Burger Steak with Rice (P269), Chicken Steak with Rice (P229), Pork Steak with Rice (P229), and Steak Salpicao with Rice (P329). So if you're not into beef, you still have options that include chicken and pork!

Meat Up is exclusively available on GrabFood, and it's available 24/7!


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