Did You Know There Are Two Versions Of Gardenia Classic White Bread?

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The bread aisles in supermarkets and convenience stores can be overwhelming with all the choices there! So, if you already know what bread you want, you only need to look for the familiar packaging of your go-to bread brand. If it's the classic Gardenia, your eyes automatically search for the blue, red, and white colors or the Gardenia logo.

But did you know there are two versions of Gardenia Classic that look exactly the same, except for one small detail? There's the Classic White Bread-Regular Slice and the Classic White Bread-Thick Slice. 

We're here to break down all the important similarities and differences between the two.

Photo by Gardenia

1 Packaging Difference

The two have minimal differences in packaging that you might have not noticed when you're adding it to your grocery cart. The only difference you will find from the Thick Slice version is that there's a "Thick Slice" printed in red text inside a yellow rectangle. 

2 Different Number of Slices 

According to Gardenia's website, both the Classic White Bread-Regular Slice and the Classic White Bread-Thick Slice weigh 600 grams each. (Yes, they weigh the same!) The only difference is that there are fewer slices in a pack of Thick Slice because the same kind of loaf is cut but with thicker slices compared to the Regular Slice. 

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3 No Difference in Price

Since both the Regular Slice and the Thick Slice are of the same weight, they are also priced the same. If you buy from supermarkets like GoRobinsons, you can buy the Regular Slice and the Thick Slice for P72 each.



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