Here’s Where You Can Buy This Cute Mini Taho Set

Complete with the ingredients to assemble your own taho!
giant taho mini taho set main image
PHOTO BY Facebook/Giant Taho

There’s something eternally charming about waking up in the morning, stepping out the door, and getting a warm cup of taho straight from vendors roaming the streets. Colloquially termed mangtataho, these merchants walk the streets, shouting out their signature siren call “TAHOOOOOO!” and peddling the sweet soy snack-slash-drink that they carry via balde or special aluminum buckets with wooden frames anchoring the contraption on their shoulders.

Though nothing beats getting your fix from these kuyas and ates, we also spotted a special package of taho complete with the balde, only scaled down to smaller proportions. Check out this cool set from online seller Giant Taho.

giant taho mini taho set with assembled cup
How cool is this all-in-one set (complete with containers!) from online seller Giant Taho?
PHOTO BY Facebook/Giant Taho

This might just be the most adorable way to get your taho fix:

Giant Taho’s Kuya Taho mini taho set includes everything you need to assemble your own cup of taho: the soy, arnibal (sweet syrup), sago (which are different from tapioca pearls BTW), scoopers, containers, and even a cup and spoon! Each set is good for 10 to 12 people or servings and goes for P2,699 a pop. Talk about a cool addition to your table spread if you’re holding any Filipino food-themed parties or a great gift for any fans of the sweet soy snack-slash-dessert.

giant taho mini taho set
All together now: “Honey, I shrunk the taho containers!”
PHOTO BY Facebook/Giant Taho
giant taho mini taho set top shot
It’s just like the aluminum containers taho sellers carry on the streets, made small. (Er, smol.)
PHOTO BY Facebook/Giant Taho
giant taho mini taho set cup assembly
It’s got everything you need to assemble a soothing cup of the sweet soy snack-slash-dessert.
PHOTO BY Facebook/Giant Taho

Simply hit up Giant Taho via Facebook or Instagram to reserve a set; note that they recommend picking up your orders via car, to make sure it arrives at your doorstep looking as intended. If a huge package of taho sounds like too much, you can also purchase smaller packs in containers from the Quezon City-based online seller; the Tub Jr. set, for one, has just enough for five to six and goes for P275.


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For orders, send a message to Giant Taho on Facebook or Instagram.

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