11 Gifts for the Foodies in Your Life

Your favorite people will love these gifts!

11 Gifts for the Foodies in Your Life

Food hampers and baskets are simple and practical, yet they make the best gifts! Say goodbye to your gift-giving dilemma as these hampers from Marks & Spencer have been hand-picked to match your foodie friends' styles and tastes:

For the buddy who can't live without coffee: Coffee Lovers' Surprise Hamper

It's a treasure trove of different kinds of coffee mixes, including Rich Roast Instant Coffee, Instant Latte, and Columbian Cup Filters, and some sweet snacks to match your preferred cup of joe. The treats included in this food basket take every kind of taste into consideration: There's Dark Chocolate Digestives for the health-conscious, Chocolate Dutch Shortcake for those with a sweet tooth, and the Malted Milk Biscuits for people who want to snack with a little less guilt. Also included are Demerara Sugar Cubes to add sweetness to your coffee drink.

Total cost of seven items: P2,250

For the foodie who dreams of la dolce vita: Italian Escape Hamper

This food basket offers a selection of ingredients to help anyone cook an Italian feast. For the pasta, you have a pick between Italian Penne and Simply Spaghetti. There's also Tomato & Gorgonzola Pasta Sauce, Green Pesto, and Light in Colour Olive Oil for the sauce. And to complete your classically Italian meal, the Italian Torinesi Breadsticks and the summer red Puglia Rosso were added to the mix.

Total cost of seven items: P2,250

For the chocoholic who exists on a chocolate-always diet: Chocolate Indulgence Basket

Most people can't say no to chocolate, and this food basket will make sure no one has to. It comes with Drinking Chocolate that goes well topped with Pink & White Marshmallows. Pair it off with either Chocolate Chip Cookies or Chocolate Coated Caramel Cookies. And for food emergencies when chocolate is the only thing that can satisfy a craving, you'll be spoiled for choice with Dark Chocolate Rounds, Swiss Chocolate Extra Fine Milk, and White Chocolate with Vanilla.

Total cost of seven items: P2,250

For the wine enthusiast who always appreciates a bottle or two: Wine Gift Set

Packaged in a gold basket, these wine sets offer a set of red and white wines to match any kind of meal. Marks & Spencer offers three kinds. There's the Spanish Wine Duo, which includes the weekend red Marques De Alarcon Tempranillo and the modern, fruity white Marques de Alarcon Blanc. For the American Wine Duo, you'll get the summery, off-dry Wave Break White Zinfandel Rosé and the fruity, medium-bodied Wave Break Merlot Red. And to perk up any feast, you can choose the Australian Wine Duo that features the Australian Chardonnay White and Australian Red.

Wine sets cost P1,300, P1,500, and P1,800 for the two bottles

For the friend who rises with the sun: Sunrise Bliss

There are some people who love nothing more than having a leisurely breakfast enlivened by uplifting chats and hearty fare. This hamper is packed with delicious drinks like Smooth Orange Juice, Peppermint Infusion Teabags, and Instant Latte Sachets; tummy-filling treats like Golden Syrup Porridge, Dark Chocolate Digestives, and Malted Milk Biscuits. There's also Reduced Sugar Strawberry Jam to pair with your toast. These are seven reasons to wake up and enjoy the start of the day with a friend, and they're all conveniently in one hamper.

Total cost of seven items: P1,750

For the sophisticated one in your group: Tea-Time Treats

The resident tea-ta in your group of friends-the one who loves the British custom of high tea-will appreciate this basket of teatime goodies. The gift set includes Matcha Green Teabags, Breakfast Blend Teabags, and even Simply Pure Honey for sweetness. It also contains sweet treats like Dark Chocolate Digestives, Rich Tea Finger Biscuits, Malted Milk Biscuits, and Golden Crunchy Creams.

Total cost of seven items: P1,750

For the old-timer who can't resist the classics: Sweet Nostalgia

Gift this to the sentimentalist in your family or group of friends who will ooh and ahh over this nostalgic selection of beloved Marks & Spencer staples. Perfect for picnics, small gatherings, or intimate chats at home, the Apple and Cinnamon Crunch, Chocolate Coated Salted Caramel Cookies, Chocolate Dutch Shortcake, and Dark Chocolate Digestives are complemented by Pure Peppermint Infusion, Apple & Mango Juice, and Swiss Chocolate Milk.

Total cost of seven items: P1,750

For the distinguished friend who savors life's best: Divine Pleasures

What do you give to the friend who has it all? This is for the one who lives and breathes the good life. From drinks like Marques de Alarcon Tempranillo, Sparkling Elderflower Soda, and Freeze Dried Single Origin Columbian Coffee, to foundations for great meals like Tomato & Sausage Pasta Sauce and Tomato Garlic & Chili Pasta Sauce to go with Simply Spaghetti, there is already much to indulge in. Condiments like Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Light in Colour Olive Oil, and Wildflower Honey are so versatile they go with sweet and savory dishes. Confections like Strawberry Almond Crunch, Scottish All Butter Choc Chunk Shortbread Rounds, All Butter Palmiers, Extremely Chocolatey Dark Chocolate Rounds, and Swiss Chocolate Extra Fine Milk can be served as appetizers, midday refreshments, or after-dinner treats.

Total cost of 14 items: P5,000

For the gourmand who entertains for the joy of life: Lavish Luxury

The budding chef in your group or foodie who loves to cook for guests will take pleasure in this gourmet selection. The Fusili Authentic Italian Pasta can be prepared with Tomato & Gorgonzola Pasta Sauce and topped with Chopped Ham. The meal can be led by a Cream of Chicken Soup, pairing everything with a Domaine Mandeville Sauvignon Blanc or a Sparkling Juice Non-Alcoholic Normandy Apple. To keep refreshments available all day, set out the Extremely Chocolate Milk Chocolate Rounds, Deliciously Nutty Crunch, and Belgian Curls, which go well with either Instant Latte or English Breakfast Teabags.

Total cost of 11 items: P3,750

For the busy woman with excellent taste: Sumptuous Selection

There is always that on-the-go mommy or wife in your group who dreams of whipping up delectable meals in a snap. This hamper is designed to help her craft complete and well-rounded meals throughout the day, starting with Apple & Cinnamon Crunch and Organic Pure Green Teabags or Instant Cappuccino. While making lunch, have guests and family can partake of Blackcurrant High Juice with a Dutch Shortcake. Create a lovely meal with Fiorelli Authentic Italian Pasta and Napoletana Pasta Sauce and Chopped Ham plus some Tomato & Basil Soup, enhanced by an easy, modern Spanish wine like Las Falleras Red. To add flourish, cap it off with Chocolate Coated Salted Caramel Cookies.

Total cost of 11 items: P3,250

For the friend you always make time for: Timeless Favorites

There is that one friend you are willing to drop everything for, even when you don't see one another for long stretches of time. These heartwarming Marks & Spencer bestsellers are something you both can revel in. From a New House Red that goes well with just about any cuisine, to Italian Penne with Tomato & Herb Pasta Sauce and some Cream of Mushroom Soup. There are breakfast starters like Triple Chocolate Crunch, Pure Jasmine Green Teabags, and Rich Roast Instant Coffee, and snacks like Chocolate Chip Cookies and Malted Milk Biscuits with Sugar Free Sparkling Cloudy Lemonade. This hamper is guaranteed to be worth your while.

Total cost of nine items: P2,750

Nothing beats a gift that has been carefully and considerately put together. Visit a Marks & Spencer store to check out these gift baskets and other holiday gift ideas. And if you purchase food hampers worth P25,000 and above, you can have it delivered free anywhere in Metro Manila (one address per P25,000).

Some of the items from the original photoshoot have been already replaced with other items with the same prices. Follow Marks & Spencer Philippines on Facebook for more updates and promos.

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