All Your Girls' Night In Party Food Essentials

The best barkada and the best food-what more can you ask for?

Valentine's Day is coming up, and do you know what that means?


No? Nothing? No dates and dinners planned? No worries-we've got you covered!


Valentine's Day isn't just for the taken romantics-it's also a great occasion to spend quality bonding time with your best girl friends. And what better way is there to celebrate the season of love than with an unforgettable night in spent with your barkada? Here are some easy, A+ food picks and recipes that's both easy to make and sure to please!



1  Nachos and Homemade Fresh Salsa

If you're starting the night with a movie marathon, you're going to need a pika-pika snack to munch on. Set aside the popcorn for now and try something new: homemade fresh salsa with nachos! You'll have no problem finding the ingredients in your fridge or pantry-all you need are diced tomatoes, white onions, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and cilantro. Mix everything in one bowl, season to your liking, and serve alongside a crunchy bag of nacho chips. It's refreshing, addicting, and healthy, too!


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2  Skillet Pizza

And what's a slumber party without pizza? Don't pick up that phone to order just yet-have you tried making your own skillet pizza? It's just as delicious-not to mention easier on the waistline, too. Let your imagination run wild with any of your favorite pizza toppings! And while you're at it, why not challenge each other to use only what's inside your pantry, and see who makes the best pizza of the night? (P.S. You don't even need to bake it. All you need is a stovetop!)



3  Sangria

Drinks, anyone? Serve up your favorite fancy cocktail, with or without the alcohol! This simple 3-Step Sangria is perfectly fruity, sweet, and tart, so we suggest making a whole pitcher for everyone to enjoy a glass (or maybe even two?)  




Apple Pie Cocktail

How about something that'll please both the dessert and alcohol lovers? Your new best bet, this apple pie cocktail, is worth a try! It's not your conventional cocktail, but with its sweet, earthy flavors and distinct vodka kick, this yummy pastry-cocktail medley will definitely intrigue your guests.



5  Affogatto

Is it time for coffee? For the caffeine junkies with a sweet tooth, an Affogato is the best dessert pick for the night! This Italian specialty made up of two ingredients, vanilla ice cream and fresh espresso, is an irresistible sweet-bitter combination that is so simple yet so endearingly addicting. 



We're sure your friends will definitely want to spend next weekend at your place again!



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