Go Local: 6 Pinoy Dishes to Master

Whip up a fiesta at home with these local dishes.


What are your Pinoy food favorites? Here, 6 recipes of well-loved Filipino dishes to master:  


1. Kaldereta


This rich and tasty dish is meant to be eaten with lots of rice!



2. Lumpia


Lumpia is not just for parties—serve this with sweet and sour sauce to complete the meal!



3. Sinigang na Hipon


Whether you use seafood or pork, this comforting bowl is an easy favorite.



4. Two-way Adobo


Flaked or cooked with enough sauce to pour over rice, adobo is always a good choice for family meals.



5. Crispy Tadyang


Crunchy, juicy, spicy—a sure hit with the family!



6. Chicken Inasal


This recipe makes use of margarine and atsuete rice for added flavor.

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