There's A Local Coconut + Leche Flan Ice Cream That Only Costs P95 Per Pint!

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There are many kinds of ice cream proudly made here in the Philippines. We have Carmen's Best, Sebastian's Ice Cream, Merry Moo, Papa Diddi's, Arce Dairy, Fruits in Ice Cream, and more to be proud of. One such local ice cream brand that is slightly under the radar is Gold Delight Ice Cream.

Gold Delight Ice Cream is produced by Eastern Blends Food Corp. which also is the corporation behind other ice cream brands like Primrose, So Cool!, Honey Dew Frozen Delights, and John & Candy. Ice Cream House is the store that carries all these brands, and this store is scattered all over the Philippines.

Gold Delight Ice Cream is one of the manufacturer's more famous brands, which is known for its limited-edition flavors like the Cocoflan. What's interesting about this ice cream flavor is that it doesn't mix coconut milk and leche flan to make one smooth base. It instead is coconut ice cream with chunks of leche flan are mixed in. 


How's that for delicious? 

Besides the Cocoflan, the other limited-edition Gold Delight flavors are Sansrival, Strawberry Cheesecake, Coffee Crumble, Chunky Strawberry, and Avocado Frost. According to Ice Cream House PH, a pint of Cocoflan and Sansrival only costs P95 and a half-gallon costs P275. The other limited-edition flavors cost P85/pint and P255/half gallon.

To order, message Ice Cream House Philippines on Facebook.


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