Did You Say 'Happy Christmas' To Your Loved Ones With This Cake?

The Christmas-themed design is also meaningful and symbolic for Filipinos.

Did You Say 'Happy Christmas' To Your Loved Ones With This Cake?

With tons of parties to attend, gifts to shop for, and cards to write, you have to think of ways to make merry-making both quicker and easier—without losing the true meaning and feeling of Christmas, of course.

Filipinos are party people who love to prep feasts for Noche Buena and other parties. We found the perfect Christmas cake to bring to potluck get-togethers, to give as a gift to loved ones, or even to add to the dessert spread on Christmas day: a Christmas Wreath Cake from Goldilocks!

Decked out in red, green, and touches of pink, the Christmas Wreath Cake was a chocolate cake that could be used to greet your friends and family a Merry Christmas.

The Christmas wreath design that sits atop the cake has a symbolic meaning, too. The round shape signifies growth and everlasting life, things that Filipinos take to heart over the holidays.

The Christmas Wreath Cake from Goldilocks was available from December 16 through December 25. Another Christmas-themed dessert, the Vanilla Christmas Roll, was available over the same period of time. It's a vanilla sponge cake topped with green Christmas tree leaves to celebrate the holiday cheer.

Other treats included Chocolate Lollipops and Christmas Greeting Cake, making sure all your Christmas party needs were covered. Celebrating a little earlier? Their equally festive Choco Wreath Cake was available until December 15.

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