Here's Another Place Where You Can Get Instagram-Worthy Unicorn Cakes

They're too pretty to eat! Almost.

The unicorn cake trend started in 2016 and if you're still seeing these cakes at birthday parties and on Instagram posts, it's because people are still into unicorns. Homebakers and cake makers have made their own creative spin on this mythical and cute treat but if you still can't get enough, check out Goldilocks' new too-pretty-to-eat unicorn-themed cakes. 

Goldilocks' tier fondant cakes: Fantastic Unicorn, Unicorn Dreamland, and Merry Go Round
Photo by Goldilocks
How pretty and colorful are Goldilocks' Unicorn Theme Cake and Unicorn Fantasy!
Photo by Goldilocks

Looking for a magical and eye-catching cake for a birthday party? Goldilocks’ tiered fondant Fantastic Unicorn, Unicorn Dreamland, or Merry Go Round (topped with a unicorn carousel) cakes are worthy to be the centerpiece. If you would much rather have a simple and layered cake, Goldilocks also has the beautiful Unicorn Theme cake and the unicorn-shaped Unicorn Fantasy cake.

What would you write on Goldilocks' My Unicorn Cake and Unicorn Greeting Cake?
Photo by Goldilocks
Goldilocks Unicorn Dream and Rainbow unicorn combine a colorful cake and cupcakes!
Photo by Goldilocks

Have a special message to share? Goldilocks’ rectangular and good-for-sharing cakes, the My Unicorn Cake or the Unicorn Greeting Cake, leave enough space for your heartfelt dedications. But if you’re the type who loves cupcakes as much as cakes, you'll enjoy Goldilocks’ Rainbow Unicorn and Unicorn Dream that combine these two kiddie-favorites together.

For more information on cake prices and delivery rates, call Goldilocks at 532-2718.


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