Brown Sugar Milk Tea + Coffee? It Actually Exists!

Coffee lovers and milk tea fans, unite!

Sometimes, it's best never to ask some people to pick between coffee and milk tea... instead, offer both. Gong Cha's new beverage under the brown sugar series fixes just that. Meet the new Brown Sugar Coffee Milk Tea.

The Brown Sugar Coffee Milk Tea is a combination of two popular go-to drinks: brown sugar milk tea (ICYMI, not all brown sugar beverages have tea!) and coffee. You get a sugar rush from the brown sugar and the caffeine jolt from the coffee. The other beverages under Gong Cha's brown sugar series are the Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Pearl Jelly, House Special Milk Brown Sugar Black Tea with Pearl Jelly, and Brown Sugar Smoothie.


The Brown Sugar Coffee Milk Tea is available in all Gong Cha branches within Metro Manila.

For more information, follow Gong Cha onĀ Facebook.

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