Gong Cha’s New Strawberry Drink Is Sweet And Milky!

It has bits of strawberries, too!

We all have our go-to orders in milk tea shops. When in Gong Cha, you can't go wrong with their House Special Milk Wintermelon or House Special Milk Tea. If you're looking for a new drink that's both pretty and delicious, you should try Gong Cha's new Strawberry Taro.

Photo by Gong Cha

Gong Cha's Strawberry Taro is just that: a milky combination of taro and strawberry with the addition of tiny strawberry bits. What we love about this beverage is that we can taste both the strawberry and taro flavors; these two flavors do not overpower one other. In fact, the best way to describe is that it's the liquid version of Hello Panda's strawberry-filled biscuits. We don't know how that's possible, but it's awesome nonetheless! 

If you plan on ordering Gong Cha's Strawberry Taro, you can take it with a 50% sugar level or below because taro and strawberry are already sweet as it is. The drink should have a pastel lavender and pink ombre but do take note that having this colorful ombre isn't always guaranteed when the server gives you the drink, which is fine because the drink is delish! 

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The Strawberry Taro flavor was released together with a whole line of strawberry beverages, with Lee Seung-Gi, from A Korean Odyssey and My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, as its endorser. If you love strawberry, you should also try Gong Cha's new Oreo Strawberry Milk Tea, Strawberry Matcha Latte, HS Strawberry Milk Smoothie, and Strawberry Lime.

Gong Cha's Strawberry Taro (P150/large; P/130/medium) is available in Gong Cha branches.

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