Tagaytay Side Trip: Hoard These Delicious Coffee Buns For Pasalubong ASAP!

Don't forget to bring some home!

One might commonly flock to Tagaytay for their famous bulalo or their Starbucks coffee with an overlooking view of the Taal volcano, but there's one place you might be missing out while en route to Tagaytay. Just ask your mom, dad, tita, tito, lola, and lolo; one of the classic spots they frequented was Gourmet Farms along the Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. It's a restaurant, farm, and a pasalubong center all in one place. 

Gourmet Farms is known for its fresh produce that comes from their own farm and served on your plate. They carry a wide selection of bottled dressings, dips, and sauces in stores that pair well with their fresh, crisp greens. Gourmet Farms is one of the first restaurants to have the farm-to-table concept in the Philippines decades ago, before it even became trendy.


Of course, Gourmet Farms is also known for its coffee line. They have a variety of freshly ground coffee beans mixed into different aromatic blends, like their famous Maynila Blend, Barako, Civet Arabica, and their Premium Blend. What we love about Gourmet Farms' coffee is that the beans taste fresh and, to the pleasure of our bank account, a bag of their coffee is almost the same price as one cup of a large coffee and a pastry in most cafes. 

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For millennials who are coffee-dependent, one of the hidden gems you must try are their coffee buns. These are Gourmet Farms' signature pastry made with their coffee beans and the crisp golden brown bread has a roasted, smoky flavor. On the inside, it's soft and there's a sweet butter-soaked portion that perfectly complements the taste of the coffee crust.

Gourmet Farms' coffee buns are good for burgers, too!
Photo by Gourmet Farms

What's surprising about Gourmet Farms' coffee buns is we actually recommend pairing it with even more coffee. The coffee buns are great for burgers, too! You can pair it with a simple, juicy burger patty (grocery-bought works fine!), lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, and everything else you want in your go-to burger. It may seem unlikely because of the coffee and burger combination, but wait until you try it.

These coffee buns make Tagaytay trips worth the drive, we promise. 

For more information, follow Gourmet Farms on Facebook.

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