Unli "Rice" Has New Meaning With This Bagoong Rice Dish

Green Pastures uses "faux rice" in its bagoong rice and it's delicious!

IMAGE courtesy of Green Pastures

If you’re looking for comfort food that not only meets your diet requirements but is also sourced from sustainable and local sources, you need not look any further than Green Pastures. Dedicated to being wholesome, the restaurant rolls out a new menu this New Year with more Pinoy heritage dishes and these new menu items are totally local and delicious!


There are already a number of meals on its menu but one of the latest additions is the Bagoong Cauliflower Rice (P690). It is served just like any bagoong rice you would expect. It's a big bowl of beautiful colors and flavors! 


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But would you believe that no soy sauce was used in the tapa? Or that the rice is not even rice? Or even that the onions weren't even cooked?


Instead, a homemade aminos was used instead of soy sauce to marinate the tapa while the "faux rice" is made from cauliflower (but doesn't taste like cauliflower!), and the onions, while raw, doesn't bite back because it’s been pickled, giving an already colorful bowl a vibrant color contrast that only whets one's appetite. 


Not only is this a delicious-looking dish, none of the substitutes affect how tasty and filling the dish is. Now, that's one dish we'd like more servings of, please. 


Green Pastures is located at Net Park Building, 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City. Visit facebook.com/greenpasturesph for more information and other branch locations.


Salty shrimp paste, tart green mango shreds, and sweet pork belly strips all come together to make a wonderful bowl of rice.


Make your next movie night a healthy one by snacking on cauliflower popcorn instead!

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