Greenwich's Signature Lasagna Gets A Meatless Makeover For Lent

Meatless doesn't have to be boring.

Are you abstaining from chicken, pork, and beef this Lenten season? Don't worry, your meals don't have to be bland and boring since there are meatless versions of your favorite dishes. For meaty pasta dishes, Greenwich's signature lasagna gets a makeover for Lent. Meet the new Tuna Lasagna!

Photo by Greenwich official Facebook

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May 30, 2016

Greenwich's classic Lasagna Supreme is stuffed with beef, cheese, tomato sauce, topped with a thick, creamy bechamel sauce, and served with a piece of garlic bread. For Lent, they're replacing the beef with shreds of tuna while everything else remains the same. 

Greenwich's Tuna Lasagna Supreme is available for a limited time only and costs P89 as an ala carte dish, but it's also available as a Tuna Lasagna Chicken Combo. 

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