Hey Egg Lovers! Grilled Balut Are Safe To Eat

Many people overcook eggs all the time!
grilled balut

Have you tried those trending grilled balut that we’ve seen on Tiktok and other social media? If you have, you might have seen comments that not only tackle the taste of the grilled eggs (Good? Bad? Not great?) but also the alleged hazards of eating it as well. 

Eggs can sometimes smell off, especially when that grayish-green circle around the yolk forms when the egg has been hard-boiled. However, these specialized food experts from the Philippine Association of Food Technologists say that overcooked eggs are still safe to eat.

These food technologists say those grilled balut eggs are safe to eat because the hydrogen sulfide produced by the eggs is so minimal. According to the content of the post written by Carl Baluyut, GD Canapi, and Jomi Rodriguez of the Philippine Association of Food Technologists, the amount necessary to truly post a health risk is much higher than a single egg can produce. One egg makes 0.2 parts per million (ppm) compared to the deadlier amount of 100 ppm of the chemical which is what can “cause dangerous effects on health and life.” 


“While the explained science in the [post about the grilled balut] is true, the conclusion was taken out of context,” the post said. “The proteins of the egg whites contain sulfur that reacts with hydrogen during the heating of eggs, resulting in the formation of H2S. Although a known toxic gas, especially during exposure at moderate to high concentrations, H2S is released in such small amounts that it cannot pose any health risks.” 

The post even cites and links via a QR code on the post itself to technical references that prove that their information is based on scientific facts. 

Overcooked Eggs Are Safe to Eat, Too 

overcooked eggs with green-rimmed yolks
The greenish-gray circle around the yolk doesn’t look appetizing but isn’t dangerous to eat, according to food technologists.
Photo by Adobe Stock Images

The post even goes on to say that even other eggs, not just balut, are safe to eat even if overcooked! “This dark-greenish tinge observed on the surface of the yolk due to overcooking may taste and appear unappealing, but it is not considered detrimental to human health,” it also said.  


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Who Are Food Technologists? 

Why should we trust the word of these experts? Food technologists, according to the University of the Philippines food technology course description, are food industry professionals who are trained to develop new food products, ensure food safety and security, and are knowledgeable in the field of food science which included food chemistry. 


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