Grills You Can Get Delivered If You Want to Have K-BBQ At Home

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Before quarantine in Metro Manila, Korean barbecue spots had become something of a pastime in the Manila-pretty much every KBBQ restaurant boasted a line snaking outside its doors on weekends. However, with quarantine now over three months long, you may be feeling deprived from the experience of eating in your fave Korean barbecue places. Some KBBQ places like Samgyupsalamat are reopening (with physical distancing measures in place), but in case you'd still rather stay home just to be safe, here's how you can fill the void for both the food and the experience of a KBBQ spot: shop grills for your home and have a DIY Korean barbecue right at your dinner table!

Here are some grills you can shop so you can enjoy KBBQ at home:

Photo by Tefal

Tefal Plancha Compact Griller (P4,595)

For a user-friendly option, try this Tefal grill. Simply plug it in, let it heat up, and start cooking. The grill's nonstick design means you can cook without adding oil for less mess and less fat in your food. It promises even heat all throughout the grill, so your meats can cook in sync. Plus, the simple design allows for easy clean up!

Available at Rustan's.

Photo by Philips
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Philips HD6320 Table Grill (P7,095)

If you love those char marks on the grilled meat that give it that extra scrumptious taste, try this tabletop grill from Philips, which comes with both a smooth and a textured plate. You can easily adjust the heat settings on the grill depending on what meat you're cooking, so you can have the perfect result every time.

Available at Abenson.

Photo by Hanabishi

Hanabishi HGrill50 (P1,515)

This ultra-slim grill from Hanabishi will be easy to move around the house and travel with later on if you ever want to have Korean barbecue at your family vacations. It comes with a drip tray underneath to keep your dining table clean. Plus, it's budget-friendly at just a little over P1,500!

Available at Abenson.

Photo by Imarflex

Imarflex TY-3400 8 in 1 Grill (P2,700)

This round grill from Imarflex is a more compact pick if your dining table doesn't have much space. Plus, it comes with a cover, to help the heat on the grill circulate around the food and keep smoking from spreading too much in the room.

Available at Anson's.

Photo by Landers

Gotham Steel Stovetop Grill (P999.75)

For less fuss and easier clean up, you can throw this Gotham grill right over your kitchen stove and cook your meat there if you don't want to use a tabletop grill. You may notice this grill has a construction closest to what you would see in a KBBQ restaurant, so it may bring back some happy memories. Plus, the direct exposure to fire will give your grilled meat a delicious charred result.

Available at Landers.


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