Grocery Find: 5-Minute Japanese Curry with Vegetables

Serve this curry over rice or pasta.

IMAGE Riell Santos

Nothing makes our hearts flutter more than the weeknight dinner life-saver-whether it's an easy-to-use ingredient or a super quick recipe. This week, we found our weeknight life-saver in the spices aisle of the grocery. 



Meet House Foods' Japanese-Style Curry Sauce with Vegetables. Unlike the other boxes of curry powder or sauce mixes that sit beside it, this box doesn't require cooking time or extra ingredients. There are two ways to prepare it: by dropping the packet into a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes, or by emptying the packet's contents into a microwave-safe container and heating it for 2 minutes.




What you get is a generous amount of sweet and flavorful curry sauce with chunks of potato and carrot in it. You can keep it simple and serve it over rice or pasta, or use it to top roast chicken, pork cutlets, seafood, or omelets.  For those who love their curries spicy, the curry sauce comes in three varieties: mild, medium hot, and hot.



Find House Foods' Curry Sauce with Vegetables in SM Hypermarket branches for Php 119.50.

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