We Found the Perfect Creamy Condensada for Fruit Salads

Use this sweetened thick creamer to make the quickest fruit salad ever.

We're sure that every home cook out there agrees with us when we say that multi-functional grocery items are super useful! With this week's grocery find, it is possible to whip up different kinds of desserts, and even sauces for dishes that need a touch of sweetness, using one product: Alaska's Crema Asada


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This product isn't the same as condensed milk because it is significantly less sweet and is a tad more runny. The best dish to use this product for? Fruit salad! You can whip up the dish in one step: simply pour the Crema Aaada over a mix of fruit cocktail, and give the dish a good stir. It'll be sweetened and creamy without having to purchase cream and sugar—not bad for a can that costs less than P50, right? 


Alaska Crema Asada is available for P46.50 in all major supermarkets.



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