Grocery Find: A Butter Alternative That Actually Tastes Good!

It tastes just like butter!

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Ah, butter. We could write love letters to this creamy, indulgent, tasty spread. Like any food we put into our bodies, butter, in controlled amounts, isn’t exactly bad for us.


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Impress family and friends with a batch of homemade butter. It's easier to make than you might think!


According to Time Health, butter is not linked to heart disease (a popular reason for many consumer diet cuts) and is neither harmful nor beneficial for us. So yes, you can go reach for that croissant and eat with no reservations!


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However, there are a good number of people out there who choose to (or must) avoid butter to manage cholesterol levels and dairy intake. We found a grocery item to help solve the dilemma of a butter-less life: Nuttelex Original, a cholesterol-free and plant-based spread. 


What we love about this product is how its texture is reminiscent of spreadable butter, and that it replicates butter flavor almost perfectly: it will remind you of buttered popcorn, but not too overpowering. There is just the right touch of salt to it, too.


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Dress up your regular butter with lots of flavor!


Nuttelex boasts 65% less saturated fat and 55% less salt that your typical block of butter, and can be used to saute vegetables, butter potatoes or corn, make sauces, or can simply be spread on top of toast. There are two other available variations in the supermarket: one is made with olive oil, and the other flavored with kosher salt. Keep your eyes peeled for them! 


Nuttelex is available for P259 in The Landmark (Makati and Alabang branches) and Merkado Supermarket in UP Town Center. 


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