We Found Flavored Fried Chicken Breadcrumbs in the Grocery!

Try these breadcrumb mixes in barbecue, cheese, and sour cream flavors.

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While nothing beats crusty, crunchy fried chicken, it doesn’t hurt to step out of your comfort zone every now and then when it comes to this well-loved dish! Our most recent grocery find will appeal to kids (and for adults, all our inner-kids) for its fun and unique characteristics. Behold: UFC Golden Fiesta’s “Fry & Shake” breading and flavor mix.



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One pack of Fry & Shake has three separate compartments. One holds the breading, the other holds the flavored powder mix, and the last holds a plastic bag. The steps are simple: coat chicken in breadcrumbs, pan-fry, and shake the fried chicken along with the powder mix inside the plastic bag.


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The results? Extremely tasty chicken! The flavors are reminiscent of flavored popcorn or fries from movie houses. While the cheese and sour cream flavors were a little too sweet and overpowering for fried chicken, the barbecue flavor is perfect for children’s parties or baon. The flavor is a mix of smoky, sweet, and savory. Here is one quick tip before you give it a go at home: double-fry the chicken in a second coating of breading to get a thicker crust over it.


Golden Fiesta's Fry & Shake is available in all leading supermarkets for Php 15 per pack. 


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