Landmark and Rustan's Marketplace Have The Best Produce in Town!

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Not having a shopping game plan can make supermarkets a little difficult to navigate-but we're here to change that. It can be frustrating to come home with an item not crossed off of your list-did the meat section run out of bone-in chicken thighs or were those basil leaves a little too brown to buy? You wouldn't be the first to say so! While everyone definitely has his or her favorite neighbourhood grocery, it truly does pay off to visit different ones around the city every once in a while.


We can confidently say that each grocery has strengths to call its own, be it having excellent-quality meat, helpful butchers, a complete condiments aisle, or hard-to-find Asian ingredients. Here's a grocery guide on where to shop for the best of the best, whatever you're looking for.




Meat selections at Rustan's Marketplace, Power Plant Mall. 


1 Best Meat and Poultry: S&R Membership Shopping, Rustan's Supermarket, and Makati Supermarket


Choice cuts kept in optimal condition are a must when it comes to shopping for meat and poultry. S&R Membership Shopping holds good-quality meats inside well-functioning coolers (a definite plus!). The only downside? All their meats are cut and packaged by bulk, so you'll be picking out packs of meat instead of individual cuts of meat. If you prefer to have your meats cut or sliced on the spot, we found a large amount of suppliers you can choose from in both Rustan's Supermarket branches and Makati Supermarket branches. Both supermarkets have friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable butchers. Don't be afraid to ask them any questions!

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Pick your own produce at Rustan's Marketplace, Power Plant Mall. 



2 Fresh Produce: Landmark Supermarket, Rustan's Marketplace, and Unimart


Landmark has an impressive spread: fresh greens, firm fruit, and all the picks you could possible think of. They sell in large bunches-perfect for big families or weekend entertaining. If you're shopping for smaller groups, you can pick out your own produce and weigh them by the bunch in Rustan's Marketplace. On the lookout for imported, hard-to-find fruits? Unimart has a selection of peaches, plums, blueberries, and cherries that you can enjoy!



Fresh seafood selection at Fisher Supermarket. 


3 Seafood: Fisher Supermarket


When shopping for seafood, there's only one place to go: Fisher Supermarket in Quezon City. They have a huge selection of freshly-caught seafood. You can even have them cooked on the spot! Just remember to shop early to get the freshest fish and shellfish. Read more about Fisher Supermarket here: 




4 Baking Ingredients: Robinson's Supermarket and Robinson's Selections


How many times have you gone to the baking aisle only to find out that they don't hold vanilla extract and butterscotch-flavored baking chips? Robinson's Supermarket and Robinson's Selections hold excellent picks when it comes to baking ingredients. You'll see different kinds of cake and cookie decorations, a large assortment of baking chocolate, and all the flours you can think of-bread flour, pastry flour, quinoa flour, and whole wheat flour, too. If you love using boxed mixes, Landmark Supermart has plenty of options for you to choose from, including both local and imported picks. You will even find mixes for gluten-sensitive and lactose-sensitive dessert lovers!



Rustan's Marketplace has dedicated aisles for healthy snacks. 


5 Healthy Ingredients and Snacks: Robinson's Supermarket and Robinson's Selections


When shopping for accessible healthy alternatives, you will find dedicated aisles for these in Robinson's Supermarket and Robinson's Selections branches. You'll spot them instantly: just look for the "Healthy You" line of products. Shop for nuts, coconut water, oatmeal, grains, and more all in one go. Rustan's Marketplace also holds a separate section for imported good-for-you snacks and ingredients.




6 Asian Ingredients: Rustan's Marketplace and SM Supermarket


Asian condiments  and ingredients can be difficult to find: we're talking mirin, kecap manis, and different kinds of chili pastes. While you can source them out in Asian specialty stores, we've seen impressive selections in Rustan's Marketplace (check out their dedicated Japanese ingredients section!) and SM Supermarket branches, where you'll see a wide range of ingredients often used in Southeast Asian cooking.






7 Frozen Goods: SM Supermarket


SM Supermarket (Makati and SM Megamall) has a complete line of ready-to-use and pre-packed ingredients in their frozen goods aisle: different cuts of French fries, big and small pizza crusts, frozen berries, and even ready-to-fry cheese sticks. You can also choose from many brands of frozen dumplings, frozen vegetables, frozen chicken nuggets, and frozen ham. 




8 Kitchen Supplies: Pioneer Center Supermart 


Not many people realize that you will often be able to find basic pots, baking pans, and other kitchen tools in the supplies aisle of many groceries. There is no need to source them out in department stores or hardware stores. Head to Pioneer Center Supermart in Pasig City to shop for all your kitchen supply needs: they have a big assortment of basic pots and pans, squeeze bottles, utensils, cooking tools, and even tableware meant for small restaurant businesses or catering services.





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