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How much of your salary goes to groceries? Food doesn't just eat a big fraction of your money, it's also something you will constantly spend on for the rest of your life. Any strategy to help out that necessary big spending will be a big help. One of the things you can do for a small rebate that can make a difference, in the long run, is getting a grocery's membership card that can give you rebates and perks. As we give you all the facts, you can decide for yourself which one-or ones-you should get. So, if you're at least 18-years old (the general requirement), able to fill-out a form, can provide one valid ID, you should definitely get at least one of these:

1 Shopwise Wisecard and Elite

If you buy your groceries from both Shopwise and Rustan's, you can actually use the same card! This card from Shopwise, too, has a noticeable cheaper membership fee. By far, this grocery rewards card has the best rebate rate.


Membership Fee: P50 + P5,000 accumulated worth of receipts form the last 3 months, valid for a year.

Perks: Can also be used at Royal Duty-Free, Subic, Rustan's Fresh Supermarkets, and Market Place by Rustan's outlets. Find more information here.

Every first Wednesday of the month, you can earn 10x more points. This means for every P15 spent on that day, you can get P1 back (up to P10,000 /card only and some items are not included).

Rebate: For every P150 spent, you get P1 back.

Shopwise Elite: This card will allow you to go to an express cashier lane.

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2 Super8 Rewards: Super8

Super8 is a local small-grocery chain that's packed with all your basic needs. If you live near a branch, it might be the most convenient solution to your kitchen supplies suddenly running dry.

Membership Fee: P100

Perks: Get exclusive discounts. 

Free delivery service up to 3 kilometers away, for a minimum P5,000 single-receipt purchase.


Get twice the points every Wednesday. This means for every P100 spent on that day, you can get P1 back. If you exclusively shop on Wednesdays, this can rewards card can give you the best rebate rate.

Rebate: For every P200 you spend, you get P1 back.

3 SM Advantage Card: SM Supermarkets, SM Hypermarkets

The SM Advantage Card might not give you the best rebate points when at the grocery store, but it's made up by the tons of other merchants you can use the card at, which can help you get the SM Prestige Card (which will save you a lot of time at the cashier!). 


Membership Fee: P150/2 years. Renew for P100. You can also apply here

Perks: Accumulate points at SM partner stores and get exclusive discounts

Rebate: Depending on where you do your purchases, get P1-2 back for every P400 you spend. For groceries, for every P400 you spend, get P1 back.

SM Prestige Card: Access to express prestige lane at grocery cashiers. To avail, log P300,000 of expenses on your SM Advantage Card during a 2-year period and you will be notified. This card auto-renews as long as you continue to spend at least P150,000 within 2 years.


4 Robinsons Rewards: Robinsons Supermarkets

If you conveniently live near a Robinsons mall, then you certainly need to get this card. Robinsons Supermarkets are packed with all your basic needs plus extra imported finds.

Membership Fee: P150/2 years. Or, get it for free when you register online and download the app.  If you're at least 15 years old, you can still get this rewards card using your school ID and a consent form from your legal guardian or parent.

Perks: Can also be used at Robinsons Departments Store and Toys "R" Us branches. More affiliates here

Rebate: For every P400 spent at Robinsons Supermarket, get P1 back.


5 Fresh Shopping Rewards Program: Rustan's Supermarkets and Market Place by Rustan's

If you're always looking for rare imported finds, or local artisanal goods, and want a pretty rewards card to boot, this is the card for you.

Membership Fee: P200 + P5,000 accumulated worth of receipts form the last 3 months.

Perks: This card can also be used at Shopwise and Royal Duty-Free Shops.

Rebate: For every P150 spent, you get P1 back.

6 Puregold Perks: Puregold

Puregold is a chain of hypermarkets that's usually near residential areas, making it an extremely convenient grocery trip for some people.

Membership Fee: P100/2 years. Renew it for P100, 60 days before expiration to keep points.

Perks: Get P100 off on your utility bills when you buy P1,000 worth of participating products and other promos.

Rebate: For every P200 you spend on groceries, get 50 centavos peso back. If purchasing non-grocery items, every P200 spends gives you P1 back.


If say, you spend P5,000 monthly on groceries (which is an extremely conservative amount), that means you'll be spending P120,000 in two years (the membership validity). If for every P400 spend, you got back P1, then that would amount to P300 pesos-which waves the membership fee at least. Add in your expenses at affiliate shops and you get even more points. If you take advantage of the perks and services, then it's extremely worth it.

Which one are you getting? Be sure to tell us!


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