What Kind of Grocery Shopper Are You?

Are you a stickler for lists or the type who stuffs their cart with all the BOGO deals?


Grocery shopping can be a chore or a pastime, depending on who you ask. While some may have their supermarket skills on autopilot already, there are also those who are constantly discovering more worthy finds one aisle at a time. Check out these profiles below and see which one you fall under.


The Veteran

This one reviews their pantry even before leaving their house, listing down all the items that need to be restocked. They have a checklist of said items carefully categorized according to which area of the grocery they're located. If they frequent said grocery, there might even be a legend for which aisle you can find the item. They can steer that cart all over the grocery even with their eyes closed!


Be a better shopper tip: Keep doing you! You're fast, efficient, and a pro at grocery shopping!



The Wandering Cart

Usually sent by their mother or spouse, the wandering shopper rarely ever goes to the supermarket except to accompany someone who actually does the groceries. When they do go on their own, they end up zig-zagging their way throughout the store, never knowing where to get the milk and where to pick up a kilo of chicken fillet. They end up shopping way longer than they should and sometimes even miss one or two items on the list (what list?).



Be a better shopper tip: Start by drawing up a list of what you need to shop for. The rest will follow.




The Discount Shopper

They've got every rewards card in their wallet and they've got a radar for all the best deals. And even without any sale alerts or buy one, get one tags, they actually know which items give more bang for their buck. You'll find them first in line to claim a special kitchen set redeemable with coupons they've filed neatly after a few trips to the grocery.


Be a better shopper tip: Treat yourself to a non-discount buy every once in a while. You deserve it!

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The Impulse Buyer

This one gets attracted to anything that looks shiny and new. Limited edition hot chocolate tins? Check! Never mind that it's 35 degrees outside and not exactly hot cocoa weather. They stuff their cart with the first thing they see-not really considering there could be another option with a better price point.



Be a better shopper tip: Not every new arrival needs a spot in your shopping cart. Assess if you really need it in your pantry then decide.



The Newbie

A first-time grocery shopper, the newbie takes note of all the supermarkets around their area. They'll do their shopping at least once in each one to figure out where the produce is better or where their choice brand of cereal is available.


Be a better shopper tip: Sign up for a rewards card in the supermarket you think you'll shop the most in!


What about you? Are you on the list or did we miss your type? Share in the comments below what kind of shopper are you and where you love to do your groceries! Let's swap grocery shopping tips!



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